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How to Maintain Blackberry Phone Correctly?

Blackberry is one type of mobile phone that is quite popular and widely used
in Asia, America, Africa particularly the features of Blackberry messenger (BBM) is quite effective to give the ease of communication within a particular community network.

However, due to excessive use, sometimes your Blackberry mobile phone is often problematic, eg, �hangs�, erased all your
BBM contacts and so on.

To overcome this, the Blackberry you need to be treated and treated
properly. Here are tips on how to intelligently how to care for your Blackberry mobile phone:

1. Every 2-3 days, remove your Blackberry battery and let sit for about 3 minutes. Removing the battery makes the Blackberry to reboot when the battery re-installed. It is useful to remove the remnants of files (temporary files) are not used due to the process of chatting or browsing.

2. Do Clear Log every few days. This can be done by pressing Alt + LGL G. Its function is similar to the first step above, ie clean up the log files (temporary files) on Blacberry.

3. You can also make the Memory Cleaning on a regular basis, by selecting Options ->
select Security Options -> select Advanced Security Options -> Memory Cleaning feature select -> select Enable to activate the mode. This process is useful for optimizing memory (RAM).

4. Every 2-3 days, do the Host Routing Table, by selecting Options -> Advanced Options -> Select Host Routing Table, press the Blackberry logo icon and select Register Now.

5. You can also perform Diagnostic Test at least once a week. This is very important, because through this way, you can find out if your BlackBerry smartphone functions all well connected, well PIN, register or email connections.

The trick is, select Options -> Mobile Network -> Press the Blackberry logo Icon -> Select Diagnostic Test -> Press the Blackberry logo icon -> Select Run. Allow it to complete the process.


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