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Blackberry Phones do
not allow its User to
Make use of their
Lovely Java
Applications on their
Blackberry, Example is
you having a lovely
Game or Application on
your Java Phone and
you want Something
like that on BB, with
this Scope we are
about to Unleash for
you Guys, You can now
Enjoy all your Java
Apps on your
Blackberry Phones
without any Barrier. If
you are using OTA
files {Downloading via
Online on your PC}
then there won�t
be much trouble
installing it as you can
use your Blackberry
Desktop Software for
such files but if you
are using non-OTA
files then the
is little different.

Follow the simple
steps given below to
install .jar files in your
blackberry phone. This
method works for all
Blackberry Bold models
and few other models.

1]. Download the .JAR
file to your PC

2]. Connect your
Blackberry to your PC
via USB cable.

3]. Copy the .jar file
which you want to
install on your BB.

4]. Open �My
Computer� >> Find
your BlackBerry device
in the list of drives.

5]. Paste the file either
into the root of
Blackberry or in a

6]. Remove your
Blackberry from USB
cable and Scroll to the
�Media� icon on your
BB device.

7]. Click on the
�Media� icon to launch
then Press the menu
button and select

8]. Locate the .JAR file
either on the device
memory or memory
card >> Click the file,
and it should prompt
you to download

9]. Click �Download�
and your app will be
installed, Now go to
the �Downloads�
folder and you can see
the installed app there.

Thats All�
Enjoy !


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