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Be Empowered: Konga Marketplace Launches

Nigeria’s largest Online Mall and Now Marketplace announced in the early hours of today the launch and transition of Konga.com from being one of Nigeria’s largest retail Ecommerce site to creating economic opportunities and empowering Nigerians as a whole through the launch of the Konga MarketPlace.

The just launched Konga Marketplace is a unique online platform which enables businesses of all types, large or small to showcase it’s goods on Konga. In a country where jobs are limited and Nigerian sellers are looking for platforms to showcase their goods to buyers. This recently launched platform will serve as an avenue to do so.

“We believe in a Nigeria where every small or large business owner is given an opportunity to succeed and we are helping to provide that opportunity with the Konga Marketplace. We now have the beginnings of an ecommerce platform that I am incredibly confident will impact on our society in a much more profound way than we have done so far”. says Simdul Shagaya, CEO Konga.com

With over 1,000 products from Nigerians earnestly waiting and anticipating the launch of this platform. We welcome you to join us as we continue to expand the marketplace, our scope of offerings will increase in variety, simplicity and convenience; join us and enjoy the increasing benefits.

To learn more, visit Here Konga.com


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