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Christopher Nolan recommends Wes Bentley for new Batman?

imageAccording to the latest reports from DC Entertainment superstar director Christopher Nolan has reportedly recommended Wes Bentley for the role of Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel, which will pit Bruce Wayne against Clark Kent.
The Dark Knight filmmaker, is currently working closely with the ‘Hunger Games’ actor on his upcoming sci-fi ‘Interstellar’. He is said to be keen for Bentley to play the caped crusader in the next superhero installment.
However it is reported that Bentley isn’t the only one in contention for the highly-coveted role. Despite Nolan’s expressed preference for Bentley, screenwriter David S. Goyer is thought to be a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, as he was the screenwriter’s preferred choice for Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Begins’. Furious 6 baddie Luke Evans and Oscar-winner Ben Affleck are also said to be in the running.
However, media sources report that Affleck may decline, although nothing has yet been confirmed. Max Martini, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Jude Law and Richard Armitage were among others previously rumored for the role.
Warner Bros. will surely be looking to finalize the next Dark Knight in coming months as they have to roll cameras on Man of Steel 2 soon if they hope to make the 2015 release date.

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