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Krrish 3 trailer breaks all records surpassing Avengers and Thor

imageProving the old adage that ‘records are meant to be broken’, Krrish 3 has broken the record, after the humongous views and appreciation when the official trailer was uploaded to the video-sharing site YouTube. Reports suggest that the trailer has already beat out the record set by Hollywood blockbusters Thor and the Avengers, by gathering 12 million views in just ten days as reported by Indian media. It has now been crowned the most awaited film of the year.
The trailer for the film, which stars Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut was released on August 5th. It got around 48 lakh views in the first 3 days and crossed 70 lakh views in 6 days. As trailer is promising and exquisitely edited, it is being played repeatedly by movie fans.
The Roshan family is beaming with excitement over the news. According to some sources Hrithik Roshan ecstatic with the response said, “I’m delighted with the response to the teaser. I am glad I can serve my audience with something to aspire for, something inspiring.


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