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How to root Infinix X351

Here is how to root your Infinx x351 Android smartphone! tested ok: this is the method i myself used and it worked for me very easy.
To root your  Infinx x351 this is what you'll need:

  1. A laptop/desktop
  2. Infinx x351
  3. Vroot
download Vroot  English version here,  after download, install it on your laptop/desktop computer.
connect your Infinix x351 to your computer via USB cable make sure you enable USB Debugging mode!
Vroot will detect your smartphone, then click on Root, all the rooting process should last like a few seconds,
after then your phone should reboot!

Congrat your Infinx X351 is rooted.
 see my process here (pic's)

 that's all, now Enjoy all the benefits that comes with Root access!
but in case u wanna unroot it, for any reason, just connet your phone & click Unroot!
goodluck :)  

Please drop a comment let's know if this method works for you.


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