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Samsung Tablet scene with an ultra-thin & lightweight Galaxy Tab S

Have you guys checked out the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S? Its Samsung's latest Android 4.4 OS tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is superbly surreal and awesome to use!

It boasts a 8-hours long battery life, a stunning screen and a really cool slim and light design, it's a perfect product for the upward mobile savvy people. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is available in 10.5", which is comparatively lighter and thinner than any other Tab you can find in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the first Samsung tablet to be fitted with the highly praised Super AMOLED display and a 1600 x 2560 (double-HD) resolution, makes for one high quality display.
Be amazed by the GALAXY Tab S great portability and premium design, complete with sleek edges. See its slimness through its design. Feel its lightness as you grab it. The Galaxy Tab S is currently one of the thinnest and lightest tablets available in the Nigerian market.

The Galaxy Tab S comes in "white" and "titanium bronze" with a light goldish brown trim and premiumdimpled back, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, which gives it a really chic, modern and urban look.

Also, with the new GALAXY Tab S you can send and receive voice calls while multitasking. Simultaneously talk and transfer photos, web browser’s URL or even screen shots to the other person’s phone with a simple drag and drop action...how cool is that?

In addition, Samsung added a fingerprint reader (still a rarity on tablets) and free goodies like popular magazines and 50GB Dropbox storage.

If you are still on the fence about the The Samsung Galaxy Tab S you can go to the Samsung App store and download the Galaxy Tab S App for free. The App basically brings to life the entire expereince of the Tab on any Samsung Galaxy device.

Get it now on Amazon.


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