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Innjoo i1s Android Smart Phone Full Spec & Review

Check out this awesome new Android smart phone i came across today: Innjoo i1

Inn Joo 7
Check out Innjoo i1 Video Review here

Internet DNA Smartphone
Imagined‎,‎ designed and crafted with purpose and precision‎,‎ InnJoo i1 is a smartphone revolution‎.‎ The i1 is the combination of everything that is useful packed into sleek hardware‎.‎ It‎'‎s not just the hardware‎,‎ but the  DNA inside‎.‎

The most advanced Technology in Processors
The i1 uses a Mali‎‐400 Quad‎‐Core Processor with Quad‎‐Core 1.3Ghz speed‎.‎ You get a smooth‎,‎ buttery experience no matter how many apps you open at once‎.‎ Browse‎,‎ watch HD videos or play 3D games‎.‎ Enjoy true to life graphics and textures and a whole new realistic experience‎.‎

HD IPS Screen
Innjoo i1 has a 5‎"‎ full viewing‎‐angle IPS display‎,‎ giving you a better viewing experience ‎(‎up to 178 degrees‎)‎‎.‎ With the i1‎,‎ everything just comes alive ‎‐ games become more real‎,‎ words and apps come to life and you can enjoy vivid multi‎‐media entertainment in full HD glory‎.‎

Capture every moment
The 5Megapixel camera has superb features customised for the hardware and software‎.‎ So you can take amazing pictures and share all your favourite memories‎.‎

Inn Joo 1
3G Network
Users can enjoy super-fast download and upload in more places around the world with 3G connection.‎ So when you're travelling,‎ you can take advantage of ultrafast 3G network in more places‎.

Apps‎,‎ and more Apps
The InnJoo Store has an amazing collection of mobile apps‐ from InnJoo and third‐party.‎ Running on Google Android 4.4 KitKat gives you access to over a million apps in Google Play store.‎ Turn your phone into just anything from an e‎‐reader to a gaming machine.‎

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