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How to Root Samsung Galaxy III i9300

This tutorial is only for the international version (Hong Kong version, the Asia-Pacific version, the European version ...) the same size cell phone, do not include the Korean version of the phone or carrier agreed to the plate!

Step One: Download i9300 Root Kit Download

NOTE: (This tutorial applies only to the international version i9300, i9300 Unicom version of Do not perform the following operations)

Step 2:
Prepare the work
Unzip the downloaded archive and run driver. EXE , follow the prompts to complete the installation
Remove the phone battery and then loaded, hold down the volume down key + HOME key + switch button
First, there will be a prompt interface, as shown on the left; then click on the volume keys to enter the coal mining mode, insert the data cable to the computer.

Step 3
Get Root permissions and brush into Recovery
Run Brush tool catalog Odin3 v3.04.exe ,
Default hook option, click " PDA " button, select the download proceeds of Recovery + Root.tar file
After setting, click " Start " , will be displayed after the completion of the brush into the PASS , after rebooting your phone will be able to use all the features of the Brush Wizard.

(If the machine is ready to operate the brush, you can not enter the system, press and hold in the off state the volume keys + HOME + Power button to enter Recovery Mode and then connect wizard Brush Brush)


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