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Protect your Computer System.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware uses two full scan engines in the battle against Viruses, Trojans/Backdoors, Spyware/Adware, Worms/Bots, Keyloggers and all other types of Malware.

Frequent signature updates provide detection for about 4 million different types of Malware. 3 layers to protect your PC against new infections: * The signature based scan of the double-engine catches known malware immediately when it tries to run. * With the awarded unique behavior based malware detection running programs are monitored all the time. As soon as a program does something suspicious, it is stopped and alerted.

That provides extra security against new and unknown threats. * Surf protection, that prevents you from surfing to malware spreading and fraudulent websites. Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a comprehensive antivirus tool to detect all types of Malware and Spyware. With the integrated automatic update feature, your PC is always up to date to protect permanently against dangerous software.


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