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Downgrade BBM BlackBerry® (after upgrade problems)

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Are you faced with some annoying issues after upgrading your #BBM to the latest version,
Downgrade you #BBM here to the previous versionhere are links to Downgrade your new version of BBM to older versions ( & ) after upgrade problems.

Note: Blackberry users only!  you must download with your devise browser & not with computer for direct installation. 

Make sure to download with your Blackberry Smart phone Browser for direct installation,  Click on any of the link below that correspond to your BB OS, to check your OS, from your Blackberry smartphone  Goto "Options" - "Device" - "About Device Version".

1st Link  (BBM v6.1.0.71)

OS 5 users  Download
OS 6 users  Download
OS 7 users  Download

2nd Link (BBM v6.1.0.49) 

OS 5 Users  Download
OS 6 Users  Download
OS 7 Users  Download

For BBM Version 7 go here
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Thanks! :)


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