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Chris Brown’s New Dance Movie Fights For Attention.

Chris Brown’s latest struggle may be getting people to sit through his new movie, Battle of the Year.

Though you probably haven’t heard of it, the film opens in theaters today, and stars the 24-year-old singer as a member of an ensemble b-boy squad, coached by Josh Holloway (yeah, the guy from Lost) and heading to Europe for a super dramatic world dance competition.

Based on director Benson Lee’s 2007 documentary Planet B-Boy, the fictionalized dance story sneaks onto movie screens with minimal marketing, no press from Brown (at least no crazy headlines), and only a handful of bad reviews to its name.

Nevertheless, if Team Breezy stands by their prince, the star could rally up enough troops to fill theaters with his first dance movie since debuting in Stomp the Yard six years ago.

“Chris Brown, of course, brings his charisma, but also he embodies the whole b-boy lifestyle, which is a lot different than a dancer or an artist,” Dave Scott, supervising choreographer for Battle of the Year, tells theGrio. “He’s bringing a lot of that aggressive charisma to the table.” Video below>>


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