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Look younger, live longer just by changing your lifestyle

If you look young for your age, chances are you’ll live longer than if you’re haggard and appear worn out. Even if you are 45 and still feel like a teenager, there is no avoiding the white hairs and fine lines. Growing old is inevitable, but there are easy ways to keep looking younger and, hopefully, live longer.
Don’t stress
Heavy workloads, reduced family time, higher costs of living and 24/7 communication devices are daily sources of stress. Do not to put yourself in unnecessary stressful situations like rushing to work, squeezing with the crowds, being overly competitive and trying to do too many things at the same time.
Exercise and keep fit
Regular exercise is definitely a youth booster although most of us don’t get enough and eat too much.  Vigorous exercise can reduce cellular aging by preventing the shortening of telomeres which are linked to several health problems, including diabetes and coronary heart disease and early death. A few minutes of vigorous or  moderate activity every week is recommended to moderately  delay the decline of age markers. One of the easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life is to go for a walk
Eat and drink healthy,
The best ways of eating healthy are debatable, however one definite no-no is sugar, which hastens the degradation of elastin and collagen especially on the face. Intake of antioxidants help your body repair damage to cells caused by free radicals,
Eating moderate amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and drinking plenty of water is the simplest way to keep the body nourished and young. A low body mass index (BMI) preserves a youthful appearance. Avoid smoking, alcoholism and drug use which all contribute to ageing.
Stay active
Boredom accelerates mental and physical aging by encouraging unnecessary binging and feelings of uselessness that may to lead to depression. It is important to lead a productive and active life by engaging in activities and keeping good company.


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