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Finally, an SSD that has almost everything.

The new Samsung 840 Evo shares the same design and standard as previous generations, but now comes in gray.

The good: The Samsung 840 Evo solid-state drive offers overall excellent performance, top storage space, and useful bundled software, at low cost.

The bad: The three-year warranty is relatively short, and the drive's sequential read speed could be a tad better.

The bottom line: If you're looking for a fast SSD that offers top capacity at low cost, look no further than the Samsung 840 Evo.

There are three important things you should keep in mind when buying a solid-state drive: capacity, performance, and pricing. And the new Samsung 840 Evo makes things easy by offering them all, and more.
The new drive is a replacement for Samsung's previous entry-level 840 Series drive, but the only thing entry-level about it is the pricing. Its performance is among the best I've seen, and the drive is also the first consumer-grade SSD to hit the 1TB mark in storage space. In addition, the 840 Evo is bundled with valuable software that further boosts its performance.

At the current price of well under $1 per gigabyte -- the 1TB capacity costs just $650, or about 65 cents per gigabyte -- the Samsung 840 Evo is the best deal on the market now, ranking at the top of the current best SSD list. If you're looking for an SSD to upgrade your computer's hard drive with or want to upgrade your existing SSD to a larger-capacity drive, the 840 Evo is as good as it gets.


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