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Meet MaDonna, 78 yr old woman Firefox theme machine

Do you think you are way too old for IT? 
Check out this Geeky old lady and Rethink!

Way up in a bucolic corner of the Pacific Northwest lives one of the most prolific designers of Firefox themes, a twinkly 78-year-old great-grandmother who goes by the online handle “MaDonna.” When her grandson, who works in the IT department at a nearby university, set up her computer, he installed Firefox on it. MaDonna discovered she could spruce up her browser’s look with custom graphical themes, so she started dabbling with her own creative ideas.

“I like to keep busy,” she said.

Over the last ten years, MaDonna has created an astounding 17,000 themes for Firefox, all available for anyone to use

According to Firefox spokesperson:  “We actually had to update our system because we never anticipated anyone would create so many themes.”

MaDonna submitted her first Firefox theme design in 2008, which she designed with Microsoft Picture It software. Within a few years, MaDonna upgraded to Adobe Photoshop, and she has an extensive collection of visuals, all organized at her fingertips.


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