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Fraudulent Alert!!! (National Open University)

Students’ Portal (Studware) and University Official Website.

From the management desk!

The attention of the management of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has been drawn to malicious sites set up to mislead and extort money from students and the general public for access to NOUN resources online.
Students and the general public are hereby informed that NOUN resources are open and free for all bonafide students and can be accessed via the University website www.nouedu.net. Also, students’ application and registration activities can be carried out on the site or by visiting the URL www.nouonline.net.
Please note that www.nouedu.net and www.nouonline.net are currently the recognised and approved websites of the University. Anyone who does or conducts transactions on any website outside the officially recognised sites does so at their own risk.



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