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How to make money online with Zarfund

What is this Zarfund online business?

Okay, this is how I understood it: Zarfund is a network marketing business in which money goes from member to member. It is a “peer-to-peer” donation program. The capital requirement is low, but the earning potential is relatively high.
In Zarfund, the money that flows in the business does not go into Zarfund account, instead, it goes directly into the account of the member it was meant for. This is another reason its risk level is low.

What is the risk level of Zarfund business?

Like in every business, one cannot rule out risk. There is a risk involved of course, and that is a risk of 0.03 Bitcoin investment.

Note: 1 Bitcoin is about 760 US Dollar as at the time of writing this post. Hence, 0.03 Bitcoin = 0.03 * 722 = 21.66 Dollar.

However, I would say that the risk level is low since all you are required to invest is 0.03 Bitcoin, which is a small amount of money, and better still, you get 0.03 back with just one referral.
Also, the money you make goes directly to your Bitcoin wallet, and your Bitcoin wallet is on a website totally different from Zarfund, and of course, only you can receive or send money from your Bitcoin wallet.

How does Zarfund network marketing work?

The way Zarfund online business works is simple. When you register, you send 0.03 Bitcoin to the person who referred you to the program. When you send the 0.03 Bitcoin, you have moved to level 1 in the Zarfund online business.

Note: You have to send the 0.03 Bitcoin within 24 hours from the moment you registered.

That person who referred you to the program and whose “referral link” you used to sign up in Zarfund program and to whom you sent your 0.03 Bitcoin is known as your “sponsor” in the program.
Now, you will find two people who will register under you using your referral link. Each of the two people under you will send you (you are their sponsor) 0.03 Bitcoin, just as you sent to your sponsor when you registered. The two people now under you are your “referrals.”
So, what this means is that you only have to bring two people, and the two people will send you 0.03 Bitcoin, making it a total of 0.06 (Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet. Like I said, the money is sent directly to the member. So, the money will be sent directly into your Bitcoin wallet.

So, in level 1, you receive 0.06 Bitcoin per month and spend 0.03 Bitcoin per month.
You can upgrade to level 2 of the Zarfund program by sending someone above your level 0.05 Bitcoin.
Now, just as you had to get two people under you, the two people under you have to get two people each under them. At this level, you will be receiving a monthly payment of 0.2 from level 2 alone while paying 0.03+0.05 = 0.08 Bitcoin per month.
Now, you can upgrade to level 3 by sending someone above you 0.1 Bitcoin. Then at level 3, you will be receiving a total of 0.80 Bitcoin per month while paying 0.03+0.05+0.1=0.18 Bitcoin per month.
The process continues like that. The maximum level is level 6, and in the summary below is the amount you pay to UPGRADE to each level (not the amount you pay per month. The amount you pay per month follows the method already described for levels 1, 2 and 3) and the amount you receive in that level per month.

Level 4:

You pay 0.2 Bitcoin to move to level 4, you receive 3.20 Bitcoin per month in level 4 .

Level 5:

You can upgrade to level 5 with 1.00 Bitcoin. You receive 32 Bitcoins per month from level 5 alone.

Level 6:

Now, you can move up to the highest level which is level 6 by sending 2 Bitcoin. You receive from level 6 alone, 128 Bitcoin per month.
That is a rundown of how you send and receive money and move from a level to a higher level in Zarfund business.
At level 1 you brought in 2 people. At level 5, the people down your link has multiplied to 32, and to 64 at level 6.

Want to join Zarfund business? A tip for you

If you want to join Zarfund network marketing business, I suggest you join my team and register through our referral link. There are many benefits of working with a team like ours, and that includes:

1. We help you build your downlink.
That is, we help you find the two people that will be under you. Because when you join our team, it means we have placed you under someone in the team. Likewise, when the team finds new people, we place them under you. And that continues and your downlink is very likely to grow faster.

2. We offer you assistance in anyway we can
If there is anything you don’t understand the team will help you out.

3. You work as a team
Working as a part of the team will motivate, keep you up to date, among other benefits.

4. No extra cost
There is no cost involved for being part of the team.

Want to be a part of the team?

===> https://goo.gl/QTEBEv 
Contact Me via mobile: +2348169123160 (WhatsApp, SMS or call).
Thanks. :)
Zarfund Pay Plan

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