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Florexcare: Ember Special Deco Promo!

Hola guys'  :)πŸ™ŒπŸ™‹

It's the "EMBER SPECIAL DECO PROMO! Comes with an amazing 60% OFF any Event size! 

Forex representatives will oversee the team, design, stage decoration, and set-up of your party, and will coordinate with our set-up staff prior to your party and the day of your party to make sure every detail is taken care of. 

It entails: 
  • Full Hall Draping and Lightening
  • Table and Chair Cover
  • Customized Dance Floor
  • Fire Works,
  • Unique Table Center Pieces
  • Classy Aisle Decor
  • Exquisite Stage Decor
  • Cake Table Decor
and Lots More>>

Take advantage of the ongoing EMBER SPECIAL DECO PROMO!
Visit Florex website for more Information.

For Booking Contact:
08180102618, 08032737207
Email: info@florexcare.com


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