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SEX EDUCATION: lets educate our chilldren


lets educate our chilldren.... 

An 8 year old son came back from school recently and asked his dad 'What does it mean to be gay?

He (the dad) suspected he already knows and so asked him what he thinks Gay means, his
words,"A man who was married to another man" He asked how he the son come about it and he said he heard it from other kids in the playground and wanted to confirm it from the  dad.
The dad explained that and also told him his views about homosexuality.

Many parents are ignorant of what their kids know, they look at them as tiny kids but will be shocked how much information about sex these kids have.
In my years as a teenager sex is hardly mentioned, primary school kids hardly learn about sex, today's world means that a kids under 12 can engage in sex acts under their parents nose while they think that they know nothing.

A mother of a 17 year old girl told me recently that she has never seen her daughter with a boy, she doesn't like boys and has never mentioned a boy she liked before. One danger is that she might not mention a boy due to what her mother will do and another danger is she might be driven to like girls
since her parents don't like friendship with the opposite sex.
There's no harm in being friends with the opposite sex, I'll rather have my daughter introduce a friend to the family and I know the friend's family too and teach her how to be friends without getting into sex. Some parents won't dare talk sex with their

teenage children and will prefer to bury their heads in the sand, but, whether you like it or not,your little girl/ boy will learn about sex, pills, abortions, Condoms, etc at the playground.
So its either you have a heart to heart chat and tell your children about sex, or watch other kids tell them about it in their own way, n u know what that means.


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