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Relationship: I did it once!

Tina and her boyfriend, both juniors in high school, had been together for almost a year. Tina loved Wade and hoped they would marry some day. Wade told Tina he wanted to "prove" his intention to marry her by having sex. Tina, who was a virgin and a Christian, had allowed him to kiss and fondle her intimately, but she always stopped their making out before sex.

 Tina thought getting pregnant was the worst thing that could happen to her. She knew a couple of girls at school who had gotten pregnant, and they were miserable now. It was their own fault, she knew. They had been "doing it" since junior high school. No wonder they got pregnant. 

After the winter formal, Wade took Tina to a secluded cabin in the woods he had borrowed for the night. Once inside, Wade built a fire in the stone fire place and lit a few candles. Then he surprised Tina with an expensive ring, an "engaged to be engaged "ring, he told her. Tina was overjoyed and filled with love to the point of tears. 

As they began making out, Wade whispered, "just once, Tina. After all, we're almost married." The romantic cabin, candles, and ring had weakened Tina's resolve. Just once- what could it hurt? She thought. Besides, she wanted to thank Wade for his generosity. So she gave in
...Two months later, Tina confessed tearfully to her mother that she was pregnant. The whole story poured out. "I didn't think it would happen," she sobbed. "I don't sleep around, Mom. I did it once. It's not fair".

Josh McDowell.


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