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How To Convert FAT32 To NTFS Without Losing Data.

FAT refers to file allocation table, a file system for storage device both HDD and Sdcards but has been replaced by NTFS which refers to "New technology file system" for HDD to support larger files and speed processing.
NTFS is the latest and standard file system.

FAT32 is slower and doesn’t support large files.

Convert FAT32 to NTFS without losing data:

1) Go to start and run Or simply press the (Windows logo key & R) and type ‘CMD’and press enter!

2) DOS screen will appear type cd C: then hit enter.

3) Check the drive letter of the device in My Computer, which you want to convert.

4) In CMD and type “CONVERT X: /FS: NTFS” without any quotes.
Note: Here, X: refers to the letter your system drive or external drive name.

5) On the question Y/N press Y and press enter.

6) And Now, wait for few minutes. After CMD resumes, your work is done and your file system is converted to NTFS and you can close CMD by typing exit on the screen.

Note: To see your file is in which format, go to my computer and right click on that drive and properties.

7) If you get any error or CMD says X: was not converted to NTFS etc,

Follow same process as step one and in DOS mode type “Chkdsk X: /F” after that it will tell ‘convert lost chains top files Y/N’ then press Y to continue.

9) After finishing, you will find that your file system is in NTFS.


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