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Best Free Windows Media Player

Here are the best media players for windows operators, the interesting thing about these media players is that they are totally free and can match up with the paid ones.

1. VLC Player

When it comes to playing videos on my windows pc, the VLC media player is definitely my favorite and one of the best out there. It’s supported by all operating systems and comes preloaded with lots cool features and options to choose from.

VLC media player is free and also an open source software, so you are permitted to make use of addons to bring out the best in this player. (VLC Player)

2. Media Monkey (version 4.1)

Media monkey is an easy to use free media player with a simple and neat display. It allows you manage your music & movies easily and play anything from MP4, MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AVI, WNV and so on.
Media Monkey has an auto music mix feature and with this media player you can simply locate duplicate tracks from your large collections. They also offer addons to enhance your experience. (Media monkey)
If you feel there is an awesome media player that should be in the list, let us know via comments.


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