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How To Stop Daily Spam Messages From All Nigerian Networks

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Nigerian network providers seems to have the trend of spamming subscribers with unwanted, unsolicited and extremely annoying text messages and calls which doesn’t add any value to our lives, They send all sorts of marketing text messages that we their valued subscribers do not need, Most times when patiently expecting a credit bank alert , or a breakthrough text message, the next thing i see is not less than 10 spam text messages from my network provider.

This goes on every single day to the extent my inbox was full and i had to delete those spam messages to be able to receive new messages. I actually call all this Invasion of Privacy and the NCC need to swiftly rectify this ongoing act of spamming by mobile network operators in Nigeria.

The most effective way to actually put an end to the unending spam messages from Nigerian network providers is using Mobile Applications. Below are apps that are tested and trusted in putting an end to all spam messages from various network providers, on Android, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry devices.

This is achieved by installing recommended mobile apps based on your mobile phone operating system.

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