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A Favour That Every Lady Should do Herself

That man you are living with…has he married you properly? Can you be recognized as his wife-in the eyes of the law? If he WAS married…is he properly divorced?

Why am I saying this? It is because of the rate at which I receive the HE WANTS TO PUSH ME OUT OF OUR HOME complaints. I really do not publish all because some are so pathetic and dumb. As some ladies rush into marriage-a lot of them forget to take their heads with them. A man is separated from his wife and you are goading him into marriage…separation is different from divorce o. Ensure he is properly disengaged from his first missionary journey before you get involved. Otherwise you don’t stand a chance-should his first woman come back.

My point is that there are a few things that give you RIGHTS in a marriage and a man would be unreasonable to attempt PUSHING YOU OUT with those in place. One of such is…when he has performed full marriage rites on you, your people know him, his people know you, and the church and law also recognize your union. Just so you know that talking marriage on the social media with someone you have not made efforts to find out where his village is is NOTHING. He tells you he is divorced-have you seen the legal evidence of that? So much you can do to insulate yourself, in this era of INTERNET MARRIAGES.

Another thing is finding your feet economically. Gone are those days when a woman folds arms and legs for a man to be GIVING her. Except for some men whose ‘family welfare’ will always come first, an unreasonable man is capable of letting any distraction tilt the balance in his family life and you dare not complain-unless you want to be PUSHED OUT. Don’t forget that he who pays the piper dictates the tune-in this environment, at least. Once you take your economic destiny in your own hands, you won’t let yourself be PUSHED OUT when someone wakes up from the wrong side of the bed. When they know they can’t hurt you by their unreasonableness-they learn to TALK things over and not throw around the threat of PUSHING OUT.

In a NUTSHELL…a man, that you are properly married to (and even have kids for) can’t be threatening to PUSH you out that easily. That is your home too. With every passing year that witnesses your togetherness-your roots in that home should also deepen. Someone you have given a good number of your years to, should not just wake up one day and decide he wants to push you out and you oblige.SIT BACK IN THAT HOUSE(unless your life is threatened)…however, he is free to leave-if he wants to. That is what REAL MEN do…they leave (when the centre can no longer hold). REAL MEN don’t PUSH OUT women because they can; they don’t push out the mother of their kids!

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