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The most used Android OS versions.

Latest statistics provided by Google shows that Kitkat And Jellybean are currently the most used versions of the Android OS.

The data was collected during a 7-day period which ended on November 3rd 2014. The result revealed Kitkat and Jellybean’s Dominance , "This is due to the fact that those 2 version can run the BBM app and other interesting apps with less bug or error both on Hardware & Software!

In the  above picture 50.9% Of users are running the Jellybean versions (4.1X-4.3), while 30.2% Are running Kitkat version & also 8.5% and 9.8% are running the Icecream sandwich and gingerbread versions.
Surprisingly , One of Android’s first versions , Froyo , still has a share of 0.6%.
With the release Of Android 5.0 Lollipop Imminent , We defiantly know this is the end of  Froyo , Gingerbread and Icecream sandsiwh versions of the Android OS or do you think they can still stand the test of time?


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