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Facebook urges 1.2 billion users to fight Ebola with new donation button

Few weeks ago Facebook’s CEO , Mark Zuckerberg , donated $25million to help fight the Ebola virus disease. Today, Facebook added a Donate Button with which people can donate to the fight against the Ebola Virus. 

Starting today the donate button will rollout on the top of news feed in 30 selected countries. Residents in those countries can then donate to either International Medical Corps, American Red Cross, or Save The Children. In addition to that, Facebook will also provide free Internet service to Ebola relief workers in Western Africa. 

Zuckerberg had taken to Facebook Thursday morning to announce that his company would be helping in the global fight against Ebola by providing internet connectivity in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, in order to help medical and aid workers, and also posting information from UNICEF. He then urged everyone to donate money if they could, saying Facebook had created a program that would allow individuals to do so directly, at which point a user from Spain by the name of Pepe Pepe Pepe decided to attack Zuckerberg.


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