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BBM for Android Update with lots of awesome features!

BlackBerry has just roll out an update to the bbm app releasing a bunch of new features in it. The update will give users increased privacy and control over sent messages – taking back messages that have already been sent, for example. Here is a full list of the new features:

  • Message Retraction – take back what you said! You can retract messages you send, either before the recipient has read them, or after. They will no longer be visible in the chat.

  • Timed Messages – determine how long you want a recipient to view your message/image. The message can only be seen when you touch and hold on the chat. 
  • Once you let go, or the timer expires, the message can no longer be seen. Best part: the sender gets notified if the recipient takes a screenshot of the message.
  • High Quality Image Transfer – request high quality of images you receive and enjoy them in better detail.
  • Faster Sticker Selection – a better sticker picker has been added to BBM, making it easier to browse through and select stickers from your collection.
  • Discover New Music – See what music your BBM contacts are listening to, and vice versa. iPhone users can tap the song and be taken to iTunes for a quick and seamless purchase.

Timed Messages and Message Retraction are premium features that will be available for free for the next three months, after which they will have to be purchased as “part of a broader bundle of features that will be offered as part of a BBM subscription.”

There is one catch. Both Message Retraction and Timed Messages are "premium features" that will be available free and unrestricted only over the next three months. After that time, "unrestricted access to these features will become part of a broader bundle of features that will be offered as part of a BBM subscription," BlackBerry said.
Head to Playstore, update & enjoy this awesome features!


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