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Android Lollipop 5.0 vs iOS 8

The tech world has seen untold numbers of rivalries throughout the years. Windows vs. Mac, VHS vs. Betamax, Steve Ballmer vs. antiperspirant — these are the conflicts that have shaped our digital world. But in the new age of mobile tech, one rivalry stands out among all others: Google’s Android vs. Apple’s iOS.

We can’t make a fair judgement without using both OSes for a decent period in the real world, but we can identify the key areas of difference. Android is ahead in customization but doesn’t benefit from the tight hardware/software integration iOS has, Apple has a less chaotic app store but makes every customer keep apps they don’t want, and Android gives you a wide choice of hardware while Apple offers a handful of admittedly beautiful devices. And once again, most of Google’s apps and services are available on iOS but not vice-versa.

[Picture: Yahoo]
And with Google just releasing its latest Android OS Lollipop 5-0 and Apple having debuted its iOS 8 just two short months ago, this battle is as fierce as ever.

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