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How to Root Innjoo i1s Android Smartphone

Did you just order for your Innjoo i1s Android smartphone & wanna do some tweaking or gain administrator permission on it? Ok your on the right blog!

   In this post am gonna show you how  to Root and enjoy your new Innjoo i1s.

This are what you're gonna need:

  1. Vroot > is a new Chinese software that is best for Rooting MTK Android device Download here
  2. A Computer: Laptop/ Desktop.
  3. Innjoo i1s
  4. PDA net: this serves as your device driver, it will enables Vroot detec your Android smartphone. Download here

After you finish  downloading the above software Vroot & PDA net install both in your system!
Note: when you are installing PDAnet: make sure you check {others} when asked for Phone type.

The next step is to Lunch Vroot, make sure USB Debbugging mode is enabled on your phone!

Vroot will detect your Phone, Click on Root to begin. 

Just chill and relax while Vroot do all the job.

your phone will restart & show you this message just click on "Restore my data" & Root Next"

Ok! Congrats your Innjoo i1s is now rooted! 
Enjoy :) 

Feel free to drop your comments to encourage others if it works for you :)


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