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Nigeria Girl Who Escaped Boko Haram: I'm Now Terrified of School

One of the teenagers who escaped from Islamist extremists who abducted more than 200 schoolgirls says the kidnapping was "too terrifying for words," and she is now scared to go back to school.

Sarah Lawan, a 19-year-old science student, told The Associated Press that more of the girls could have escaped but that they were frightened by their captors' threats to shoot them.

She spoke in the local Hausa language in a phone interview from Chibok, her home and the site of the mass abduction in northeast Nigeria.

"I am pained that my other colleagues could not summon the courage to run away with me," Lawan said. "Now I cry each time I come across their parents and see how they weep when they see me."

Analyst: 'Unlikely' Nigeria will meet terrorists' demands
NBC News counterterrorism analyst Michael Leiter joins TODAY to discuss the latest news about the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and a new video allegedly released by their captors.

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