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iPhone 6 on Release Date Confirmed!

 iPhone 6 on release date this 2014 will lead to explosive sales for Apple as the upcoming double refresh is tipped to spur massive upgrade moves from U.S. and Chinese consumers.

Nikola Cirkovic
More voices were added to the snowballing iPhone 6 discourse, its 2014 release date supposedly gaining more ground as a new render and fresh details defining the hotly-anticipated handset came out.

Even as the tech giant is keeping most of the next iPhone details locked in secrecy, analysts are convinced that two models of the iOS-powered smartphone are scheduled for unboxing - a 4.7-inch build that will replace the 4-inch iPhone 5S and a 5.5-inch edition that is set to tussle with the likes of Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3.
It is precisely the new supersize screens that will lure new and existing Apple fans to any of the two iPhone 6 models, investment firm UBS Securities said in a new research note. Apple will surely witness a blockbuster launch for its 5S sequel, Apple Insider reported UBS as saying. read more

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