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Dropcam Cameras Sensors That Can Detect an Intruder in Your Home!

Dropcam, the company that makes WiFi cameras that let you stream live video of your home, is working on a new product that can alert you when a person walks in front of your camera.

Right now, Dropcams can detect motion, but they can’t tell the difference between say, your dog and your three-year-old toddler. This summer, the company will push a software update that can tell the difference. In theory, it’ll help reduce unnecessary alerts that get pushed to your phone. The obvious goal here is to accurately alert you when an intruder enters your home.

Dropcam cameras let you stream live video to your iPhone, iPad, computer, or Android device.
All of the processing for Dropcam’s people detection is done in the cloud, so users won’t have to buy any new equipment. Greg Duffy, the CEO of Dropcam, told Business Insider that the company was able to teach its software the difference between people and other objects by analyzing the feeds of people who publicly broadcast their Dropcam feeds.

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