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BBM for Andriod Official download still delayed.

The BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iPhone customers around the world has been delayed.

Previously exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones, BBM was to be available as a free download in Google Play and the App StoreSM. Customers will be able to download BBM by visiting www.BBM.com from their smartphone browser.

However, Inside BlackBerry, the official blog for the company wrote: "Prior to launching BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day."

Beyonce and Jay Z Fired Bodyguard After He Solicited a Prostitute While On Duty

The celebrity bodyguard who was tasered to death by Miami police was fired by Beyonce and Jay Z after they caught him soliciting a prostitute, the NY Daily News reports.

Norman “Dutch Giant” Oosterbroek who protected A-list stars such as Lady Gaga was tasered to death by Miami-Dade County police on Sept. 2 after he stri*ped unclad and broke into a neighbor’s home. Police believe Oosterbrook was high on bath salts at the time of his death.

Chris Brown’s New Dance Movie Fights For Attention.

Chris Brown’s latest struggle may be getting people to sit through his new movie, Battle of the Year.

Though you probably haven’t heard of it, the film opens in theaters today, and stars the 24-year-old singer as a member of an ensemble b-boy squad, coached by Josh Holloway (yeah, the guy from Lost) and heading to Europe for a super dramatic world dance competition.

Based on director Benson Lee’s 2007 documentary Planet B-Boy, the fictionalized dance story sneaks onto movie screens with minimal marketing, no press from Brown (at least no crazy headlines), and only a handful of bad reviews to its name.

Nevertheless, if Team Breezy stands by their prince, the star could rally up enough troops to fill theaters with his first dance movie since debuting in Stomp the Yard six years ago.

“Chris Brown, of course, brings his charisma, but also he embodies the whole b-boy lifestyle, which is a lot different than a dancer or an artist,” Dave Scott, supervising choreographer for Battle of the Year, tells theGrio. “He’s bringing a lot of that aggressive charisma to the table.” Video below>>

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An adventurous girl finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets.
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After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy.
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A family is held hostage for harboring the target of a murderous syndicate during the Purge, a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legalized.
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Mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson travels from Denver to Miami to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman who has been living it up after stealing Sandy's identity.
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A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives.
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The Lorax (2012)
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A 12-year-old boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world.
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Download::Dragon Day {Mobile}

When Duke Evans, out of work NSA analyst, is evicted from his home he moves his family to his grandfather's old cabin. However here they are also threatened when a hellish cyber-attack is unleashed on the US rendering anything with a computer chip useless. He must now keep his family alive, fight off would be thieves and a newly corrupted government and ultimately make the hardest decision of his life- to survive.

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The costumed high-school hero Kick-Ass joins with a group of normal citizens who have been inspired to fight crime in costume. Meanwhile, the Red Mist plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone Kick-Ass knows.
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2face to perform at ARS championship closing, as Arsenal legend, Robert Pires confirms attendance.

Nigerian music heavy-weight, 2face Idibia is expected to set the Agege Township Stadium alight this Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, for the Closing Ceremony of the Airtel Rising Stars Africa Championship.

Also the youngest Nigerian non-inheritor millionaire and winner of the inaugural edition of the Nigeria’s Got Talent (NGT) Television show, Amarachi Uyanne, and the first runner up of the NGT competition, violinist, Godwin Strings are slated to perform at this event. Continue...

AlShabaab {Somali militant group} claim responsibility for Kenyan mall attack!

Hours after gunmen stormed Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing over 50 people and injuring over 150, Somali militant group, al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack via their twitter page, HSM Press Office @HSM_Press. After quite a number of Tweets explaining their actions and threatening to carry out more attacks, Twitter suspended the account.

Fortunately someone munched the entire tweet before the twitter account was suspended yesterday. See their tweets here>>

At least 22 people killed at Kenyan shopping mall.

Gunmen stormed a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya this afternoon Saturday September 21 killing at least 22 people in what could possibly be a terrorist attack. An eyewitness claimed the gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave the mall and that only non-Muslims would be targeted. By the time they finished shooting indiscriminately, at least 22 were dead and at least 50 people injured.

One survivor said and that the attackers started from the Westage mall ground floor and made their way to the top. He said they had grenades and AK-47 rifles and he saw at least five of them. Local TV stations reported that the gunmen took hostages as soldiers and local policemen surrounded the mall. Another survivor said he was shot at by a man who looked like a Somali.

The Somali militant group al Shabaab had previously threatened to attack hotels, nightclubs and the Westgate mall, which is one of the biggest malls in the city, popular with the city's expatriate and foreigners...but there's no official confirmation for now that the group is behind this attack.

Security guards were seen wheeling out bloodstained bodies in shopping trolleys as soldiers continue to comb the mall looking for the gunmen. Kenyan Red Cross said at least 20 have been killed and more casualties were still inside the complex. See more photos

killed in mall attack:: Famous Ghanaian poet, Kenyan president's nephew among others.

Ghanaian poet and diplomat Kofi Awoonor, (pictured left) was among the 59 killed during the attack on Westgate Mall in Kenya yesterday. He was in Nairobi as a participant in the Storymoja Hay Festival, a 4-day celebration of writing, thinking and storytelling. The Ghanaian govt confirmed his death early Sunday morning. He was 78 years old. His son was also shot, but was not killed.
Also the president's nephew, Mbugua and his fiance Wahito (both pictured right) were killed in the attack yesterday.

Over 1,000 people have so far been evacuated from the mall, but an unknown number of hostages are still trapped inside with the terrorists believed to be about 15. Kenyan security forces have been locked in a standoff with gunmen since yesterday. Gun shots have been heard all morning in the area.

Heavily armed Islamic extremists pulled up in several cars yesterday and shot their way into the most upmarket shopping centre in Nairobi, ordering Muslims out if they could prove their religion by reciting a prayer or answering a question on Islam. They started killing those who failed the test.

BBC reported that at least one of the attackers was a woman who had some kind of leadership role.

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9 Reasons We Don't Invite Our Friends to Church

As I have traveled the world, I have yet to find an invitational church.

So let me ask you the following question with two possible answers, (you have to choose between the two answers): Is your congregation welcoming or inviting? As I have asked this question right around the world to pastors, you can imagine which answer is chosen: welcoming! But how welcoming can we be if we are not inviting?

We are welcoming as long as people can get themselves across the threshold of the church building, but we don’t take our welcome out in the form of invitation.

Something is going wrong at the threshold of our church buildings. I became fascinated as to why congregational members are not inviting. In fact, I went on to find out that up to 95 percent of most congregational members are not going to be doing any inviting.


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