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Apple's Latest iPhone Fingerprint Security.

Placing a finger on a computer or smartphone has long been proposed as a way to avoid the need for passwords to authenticate users of computers and other devices. People familiar with the matter said last week that Apple will include a fingerprint scanner on the more expensive of two iPhones it is expected to unveil Tuesday at an event at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters.

Because of Apple's influence, other companies are likely to follow. At least one new smartphone running Google Inc.'s Android operating system to be released this year will include a similar fingerprint sensor, though it is unclear if that phone will be sold in the U.S, a person familiar with the matter said. A Google spokesman declined to comment.
Behind the activity is a growing recognition that passwords are a porous defense for consumers' information—particularly on mobile devices likely to be lost or stolen. At the same time, recent technology advances have made fingerprint scanners more accurate and reliable, addressing issues that previously impeded their adoption.

Some laptop computer manufacturers began building such scanners into their machines more than a decade ago. But despite the 007-like cool factor, the technology proved too temperamental for most consumers.
"It was not reliable to use on a daily basis," said Kevin Mahaffey, chief technology officer of Lookout Inc., a mobile cybersecurity company, who tried to be an early adopter of the technology a decade ago when he bought a fingerprint scanner for his desktop computer.

Motorola Mobility LLC, a unit of Google, included a fingerprint sensor in its Atrix 4G phone in 2011. The company stopped using the sensors because, among other reasons, customers complained about scanner errors and many didn't use the feature, a person familiar with the matter said.

But concerns about consumers' reliance on passwords—often composed of just six to 10 letters or numbers—continue to grow. Fraudsters and hackers have found a variety of ways to steal or crack codes that may be shared among multiple Web accounts.
Meanwhile, some major companies have signaled that fingerprint-based safeguards may finally be ready. In one sign, big players that include Google, LG Electronics Inc., eBay Inc.'s PayPal unit and Lenovo Group Ltd. have joined a nonprofit called the Fast IDentity Online Alliance, which pushes for broader use of biometrics, among other alternatives to passwords.

"It seems a natural fit," said Kevin Kempskie, a spokesman for RSA, the security unit of EMC Corp. Once smartphones are protected with fingerprints, "you could do all kinds of things," he said.
In theory, scanning a user's finger could be a very fast way to unlock a phone or authorize a payment—and unlike a password, impossible for an unauthorized person to crack by guessing or trying different combinations.

A scanner on a smartphone could also be used to safeguard corporate networks, acting much like security tokens made by RSA and others that generate sequences of numbers to be used with passwords, Mr. Kempskie said. A corporate customer could enter his password and then be required to scan his thumb on his iPhone, using an RSA app, for example, to verify his identity, he said.

They could also be used for physical security. August, a San Francisco startup, plans to ship a deadbolt lock add-on—the device fits on an existing lock—later this year that allows users to unlock their front doors with their smartphones. The company will likely allow customers to use their fingerprint as an additional form of verification, said Jason Johnson, its chief executive.
It remains unclear whether Apple will let outside developers employ the fingerprint scanner in apps, if at all. An Apple spokeswoman didn't return a request for comment.
Apple purchased fingerprint-reader specialist AuthenTec in 2012, and the U.S. government recently approved Apple's patent for its own fingerprint reader technology. The company, like other makers of fingerprint scanners, uses radio frequencies to map a finger's surface.

Older scanners required users to swipe their finger across a device and employed software to create a composite image of the fingerprint. Greasy or incorrectly placed fingers would lead to false negatives, as the scanners could only capture one image at a time.

Newer models scan the surface of a finger or thumb while it is at rest, allowing it to capture one to five images after one touch. This gives backup images in case the first is poor quality, said Sebastien Taveau, CTO at Validity Sensors Inc., another fingerprint-sensor company that doesn't work with Apple.
Fingerprints aren't foolproof. They can sometimes be tricked if an attacker uses scans or molds of a user's fingerprints, as the TV show "MythBusters" recently demonstrated to unlock a laptop. (Mr. Taveau said the finger must be attached to a living hand on most modern systems.)

Smartphones can also be hacked in ways that could bypass a fingerprint scanner.
"There's potential danger of a false sense of security," said Bret Hartman, CTO of Cisco Systems Inc.'s computer-security business. Still, the longtime security guru and a former executive at RSA said "it's definitely an important step in the right direction."

But fingerprints have the advantage of requiring few steps, and nothing to memorize, compared with other alternatives.

How can your phone can make your job in IT !

Today we're expected to work longer hours, often at home as well as in the office. Although it might not seem like much, having the right app on your phone, or the right phone in general, can take a small load off of your shoulders and make your life just that little bit easier. So here's a list of portable must-haves depending on your job title. 

CIOs spend a majority of their time trying to drive a company's technology forward, but that could prove hard to do if they themselves are not sporting the latest technology. After all, who's going to listen to someone's advice if they aren't willing to take it themselves? So the phone of choice for a CIO could be the Samsung Galaxy S4. The cutting edge of technology, it has a high hardware rating, an attractive body and lightning fast CPU. When you're seen with this phone, all of your future tech suggestions will be taken seriously.

How To Download Youtube Videos With Operamini browser!

Now no need to go to external link to download youtube video, Now you can download it directly from youtube. Download Video Directly From Youtube Using OperaMini on any phone.

First Step copy the java script script
in box below

Now Follow my steps in the screen shot.

1.After you have copy the script above clickthe menu on operamini and choose bookmark
2. Now edit any of your book mark and replace the address with the CODE you copied earlier

3. Now goto YOUTUBE and search for any video you wanna download

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on  "Desktop" to view the web version

It should look like this in web version

5. When the desktop version shows goto bookmark again and choose the youtube trick you bookmarked earlier, click on it

6. When the page reload/open, zoom in

You will see the " Download" Category appear {flv, mp4, flv HD, mp4 HD} Choose the format you like. And your Operamini wili brIng path to save the file after choosing the path then your download start. ENJ0Y
for any question ?? leave comment below!

How To Install Ngage Games On S60 Devices

NOTE : Your phone MUST be hacked to do this. If its not hackedclick here 

STEPS 1. Install 'n-gage application.sis' to your MEMORY CARD (This will take a while - It will install alot of Stuff. Just let them install.

2. When ALL installations are done, install 'ngage patch.sis'

3. Copy the text file named '20001079.txt' to C:/ Private/10202be9 folder. (if not present, create it!)

4. Now Copy the Resident Evil game from "Test Game' Folder to E:/n-gage/ (if not present, create it!)

5. Now open N-gage Application and wait a moment for the game to be detected 6. When its done, it will show the game, now select the game, and scroll down to select memory card for it to install. now wait... It will take a while. Just be patient. When done, you will get an 'Installation Complete' prompt. NOW, Press Start Game and ENJOY!!!

NOTE : Always remember to disable all PATCHES in ROMPatcher+ before running any N-gage game. Unless game might not start properly or might not start at all! Also remember to re-enable the patches after playing your N-gage games.

How To Hack Symbian Phones

There are several methods on the internet about hacking symbian phones without key and certificate but most of these methods only work for S60V3 and some S60V5 symbian phones. The method in this tutorial can hack any phone using symbian operating system ranging from S60V3, S60V5, Symbian ^3 and Symbian Anna.

Without wasting much of our time. This method has been the Fastest & the Simplest method of Hacking.
It has been personally tested on the Following phones:
C5, E5,E71,E63,C6,E72,E75,E6,n8. It took me 3 minutes to Hack C5.

First you need to download this file ( click here ) it contains detailed info.

After Downloading.

Use x-plore to Unpack Quarantine archieve to C\drive, you should get C\tmquarantine path.

  1. Install Antivirus
  2. Launch Antivirus, it might prompt to to restart your phone or keep using it, press YES (Restart your Phone)
  3. Goto your Antivirus again>>press Option>>scroll down to quarantine List.
  4. Click option again, then choose RESTORE at all files i.e (Restore all the 3 or 4 files)
  5. Close antivirus & uninstall it from youur phone 
  6. Install RomPatcher+
  7. Launch RomPatcher+ & Apply Patches.
  8. Now extract the suitable Installserver.exe from the Zip Archieve & PASTE it in path
  9. C \ sys bin

NOTE: read d installserver.text before selecting yours or make sure u know your ''phone OS''

  • Goto your RomPatcher again>>click Option & Apply:

  • Open4all for access to all folders.
  • Installserver for Installing any Unsigned App. (if Red crossed, navigate to installserverRP+
  • Add to Auto at patches.

After all this, Switch off your phone & On it back.

now your phone is Hacked successfully.
for questions? leave a comment below!

How to root Tecno n3 android phone.

rooting your phone is a process to gain "control" over your device, just like in the PC world getting an administrator rights. There are ups and downs in this process. For you to understand fully, you can search the Google about rooting an android device. Then if you decide to Root your phone, then, it is your own choice. Do not blame me or anyone if something happen to your device while performing this method. Read the instruction carefully make sure you understand what you are doing and what will you do.

This warning means you are compromising your phone's security and warranty.
To gain root access, you have to perform the root method by installing POOT apk and MINISTRO II apk.
Download: Poot Tecno n3
Download: Ministro II library(from Google play store)
To ROOT your TECNO N3 is simple
Just install POOT apk to internal memory and run the apps. it will require you to install MINISTRO II, you'll get -error like "update minstro library", just update through google play store.
Then proceed again to the next step. After installing and updating all the libraries of QT, your phone will automatically reboot(or reboot manually)
You'll get two buttons
1. "press here to poot"
2. "built in root check
Click on the first button to poot and wait till you have 3 buttons
, That means you are now rooted.
You can now complete the process by downloading super user application from the play store.
 if you got any question? leave a comment below>>

Asuu Strike Update!

A lot had been said by many Nigerians about the refusal of Yinka Gbadebo, the President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) to declare his open support for the national leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in relation to the ongoing industrial action by same which has consequentially paralyzed academic activities in all public universities (both state and federal) across the nation since June, 2013.
The truth about the matter is as below:


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