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NASA :New Earth found.

New Earth found. 48889.jpeg

Its sun's name is Tau Ceti, visible to the naked eye and the planet is one of five in its orbit, thought to have the conditions to support life. Tau Ceti, identical to:: the Earth's Sun, is a mere 12 light years away, just 120 trillion kilometres. The breaking news is that one of these five planets is thought to contain water. And life.
The news comes in the next edition of Astronomy and Astrophysics which provides further information on the planets around Tau Ceti after 6,000 observations were performed with three different telescopes. The five Tau Ceti planets are thought to vary between two to six times the size of Earth and one of these is thought, like Earth, to be in the "habitable zone" around the sun.
This zone is also known as the Goldilocks Zone being not too hot or too cold to have liquid water on the surface, and therefore have the conditions to support life. Astronomers hope, as a next stage, to study the atmospheres of these planets.
Tau Ceti has been observed by humans with the naked eye for centuries, appearing as a third-magnitude star. The name is the Bayer designation, after the German astronomer Johann Bayer. The habitable planet is stable, like its sun and would have similar characteristics to the Earth, given that its solar analog is virtually the same.
The same star was referred to as Thalith al Na'amat in the Arabic Calendarium of Al Achsasi al Mouakket, written around 1650 in Cairo and in Chinese, it is referred to as Tian Cang Wu (The Firth Star of the Square Celestial Granary).

The sun and its planets have been a source of constant interest from astronomers searching for celestial bodies which have the conditions to support life.

Kanye & Kim inspect the construction of their $11million mansion

Kim and Kanye, who have been living with Kim's mum since welcoming their daughter, were seen yesterday inspecting on-going construction of their $11million mansion in Bel Air. Kim bought the stunning Mediterranean-style mansion brand new last month but wanted some renovations before moving in. 

Kate Middleton in silver as she attends first red carpet event since giving birth

The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in this glittering floor-length Jenny Packham dress and Jimmy Choo shoes as she accompanied her husband, Prince William, to the Tusk foundation gala dinner at The Royal Society in London yesterday.

$11m Fraud:42-Year-Old Nigerian Internet Fraudster Jailed In US

A Nigerian, Emmanuel Ehkator who was investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for criminal conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in the United States of America has been sentenced by District Court Judge, Middle District of Pennsylvania, Yvette Kane, to a three-year term. 
He is also ordered to pay $11,092,028 in restitution to his victims.
The conviction of Ehkator, 42, who was arrested in Nigeria by the EFCC in August 2010 and extradited to the United States in August 2011, followed his plea of guilt.
Justice Kane also ordered Ehkator’s forfeiture of properties in Canada and the contents of several bank accounts in Nigeria.

Video : Hilarious, Funny And Embarrassing Visa Interview

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Kim Kardashian’s $2M Engagement Ring From Ex

KIM KARDASHIAN’s ex-husband KRIS HUMPHRIES is allegedly selling off the diamond engagement ring he presented her with in 2011.
The couple who got married in an exotic expensive televised ceremony in August, 2011 but broke up after just 72 days of marriage, and basketball player Humphries is now said to be selling off Kardashian’s 20-carat diamond engagement ring.
A piece matching the description of the reality TV star’s Lorraine Schwartz design has been entered into an auction at Christie’s in New York and will go under the hammer next month (Oct13), according to RumorFix.com.
Auction house bosses have refused to confirm the identity of the seller, only revealing the ring, valued between £200,000 and £333,333, was listed by a “gentleman”.
Kardashian’s divorce was finalised over the summer (13), just weeks before the birth of her daughter, North West, her first child with her current boyfriend, rapper Kanye West

Bisexual:: Lady Gaga confirms.

Who suspected Lady Gaga is into women? I didn't! She revealed yesterday on “Watch What Happens Live” that she's had sex with women in the past. Lady Gaga said:
“Well, I’ve taken a few dips in the lady pond. I like girls… I know people think I just say things to be shocking, but I actually do like p**sy. It just depends on whose p**sy it is.”
Gaga also revealed the craziest place she’s had sex, talked about using the drug Molly and revealed her favorite “Real Housewives” stars during in the sit-down.  Watch Video below>>

woman uses fake baby bump to smuggle cocaine

According reports by AFP, a Toronto woman who used a fake baby bump to try to smuggle two kilograms of cocaine was arrested yesterday September 11th at Bogota airport by Colombian police.

28-year-old Tabitha Leah Ritchie, identified as a social worker, was stopped while trying to board an Air Canada flight in Bogota, Colombia after an inspector noticed that her belly was unusually cold and hard. Airport security discovered a false belly made of latex taped to her body and they found 2 kilograms of cocaine. Record shows that Ms Richie arrived in Colombia on Aug. 6.

Spy Service Exposes Nigerian ‘Yahoo Boys’

The Facebook names of some Nigerian scammers have been exposed on a US blog, and the boys ain't even know it. Lol. US security blog Krebsonsecurity.com, published links to the real Facebook profiles of Nigerians allegedly involved in 'Yahoo' business....and if you check their profiles, the guys are balling, pictures taken with jewelries, exotic cars etc...from Nigeria to Turkey to Malaysia! But the funniest part of all this is that these boys don't even know that their names have been exposed. See the report from Krebs on Security.
A crude but effective online service that lets users deploy keystroke logging malware and then view the stolen data remotely was hacked recently. The information leaked from that service has revealed a network of several thousand Nigerian email scammers and offers a fascinating glimpse into an entire underground economy that is seldom explored.
The site was so poorly locked down that it also exposed the keylog records that customers kept on the service. Logs were indexed and archived each month, and most customers used the service to keep tabs on multiple computers in several countries. A closer look at the logs revealed that a huge number of the users appear to be Nigerian 419 scammers using computers with Internet addresses in Nigeria. 
Check for your name if  you are one of them! lolz..  after the cut>>

Your help is needed::Chuks Collins suffers kidney failure!

One of Nigeria's top fashion designers, Chuks Collins is suffering from kidney failure. Chuks, who is only 29, had an accident sometime last year that wasn't properly treated. He injured his leg and head in the accident and unfortunately the tissues in his leg didn't heal properly which caused cellulitis. The cellulitis caused renal disease which affected his kidneys. Chuks has been going for dialysis since July this year. His doctors told him recently that the lifespan of the kidney functioning in his body is just two weeks. Chuks needs a kidney transplant ASAP and has decided to reach out to the public for help. He needs N8million. Please anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

His account details:
Chuks Collins - Zenith Bank - 2005872433. God bless


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