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The One Law You Must Include in Your Preaching!

There are two sides to every story, and that includes this one. Maybe especially this one. So one way to preach a meaningful sermon on this week’s passage might be to help us spend more time and sympathize with each of the two characters with whom Jesus interacts.

Let’s start first with the leader of the synagogue. That may be challenging, both by habit and because of the way the story runs. But inviting a sympathetic reading of this character is crucial to inviting people into this story. Why? Because what he offers is a clear and compelling reading of the law. He is, in other words, right: you are not supposed to do any work on the Sabbath.

Miley Cyrus gets fully naked in her new music video

20 year old Miley Cyrus appeared completely naked in the music video for her new single, Wrecking Ball.   
watch video below! 

killed by Chinese slimming tea!!! Nollywood Manager.

Asaba based Nollywood location manager Chinedu Epeagba (pictured above) died last week after a brief illness. Chinedu may have died from drinking too much Chinese slimming tea, if that possible.

According to Nollywood comic actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu, who posted on his Facebook page, a doctor who treated Chinedu said his death was as a result of complications triggered by slimming tea

 Ugezu said..

“Our preliminary investigation, backed with scientific presentations from the last doctor that treated him in Onitsha, shows that Dabebe died from complications triggered by the made in China slimming tea, which he started drinking in July. This tea, medicine or whatever, gradually destroyed all his internal organs and by the time he became too weak and got rushed to the hospital, his body couldn’t respond to treatment; organs were ruined already. The sad news is that Dabebe, that promising young man, is dead.”
Are there doctors in house who can tell us how Chinese slimming tea could have destroyed his organs and if there are harmful effects in taking such herbal teas.

Photos: Actress Ngozi Ezeonu shows off super slim figure

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You'll only be amazed by her new look if you remember what she used to look like. The Nollywood star actress, who usually plays mother roles in her movies, shared the photos on her Facebook page recently and said her weight loss has nothing to do with ill heath as some people who were amazed by her new look insinuated. Ngozi said the weight loss was just from the need to be healthy.


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