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iPhone 5S:: Our best guess on the release date, specs, and availability for Apple's next iPhone

In a world where almost nothing is certain, this is basically certain: Apple will be having an event on September 10 where the company will announce two new iPhone models. Or so we think.
Despite CEO Tim Cook's pledge to double down on secrecy, it seems like we already know everything about what will be shown: from extremely detailed purported photos and teardowns of the external casing to color options, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C seem inevitable. The rumors have been fast and furious, and increasingly seem to confirm a similar picture.
If rumors are true, Apple is set to bifurcate the new iPhone lineup into two lines: a more budget-targeted, plastic-backed, candy-colored "5C," and the higher-end iPhone 5S, which looks exactly the same to a casual eye as last year's iPhone 5.

What we think we know

Design: Think iPhone 5, with additional colors
Last year's iPhone 5 wasn't revolutionary, but it did amount to a top-to-bottom restyling and re-engineering of the iPhone 4/4S look into a totally new product. The 5S, on the other hand, looks like last year revisited, down to the two-tone metal/glass back and chamfered edges.
That might make this iPhone feel like one of the most boring iPhone releases ever, but it's a common pattern: new iPhone design one year, bumped-up version in same design the next (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S).

iPhone 5C: What we expect about the announcement, specs, and release date of Apple's rumored cheaper iPhone

The low-cost iPhone continues to be one of those rumors that just won't quit. But as we near the magical month of September, a time when Apple announced new handsets in both 2011 and 2012, the rumor finally appears to be close to reality.
As Josh Lowensohn said earlier this week, despite Apple's vow to clamp down on leaks, the last few weeks have delivered a steady stream of gossip about a cheaper iPhone, which the tech blogosphere has collectively dubbed the "iPhone 5C" (the "C" denoting the multicolored backs, or simply just "cheaper"); the official product name is anyone's guess.
We've see some alleged specs and a few credible photos not taken by the usual Mr. Blurrycam. Of course, Apple has yet to comment on the dish and won't do so until it's good and ready. So until then, here's what we know about this still elusive -- but increasingly certain -- device.

Apple launches iPhone trade-ins

Apple has begun a long-awaited iPhone trade-in program at its retail stores, according to reports, ahead of an event that is widely expected to include the unveiling the new iPhone on September 10.

CNET has reached out to Apple for confirmation and will update. Reporters for CNBC and the Wall Street Journal tweeted that Apple is starting the program, letting customers swap their old phones for credit toward a new one, Friday in the US.

Word of such a service cropped up in June, when Bloomberg reported that Apple was working with Miami-based trade-in company Brightstar on a program that would let consumers bring in their used iPhones for a discount on newer models and potentially for credit on other items in Apple's stores. 

Next month's Apple event has the rumor mill churning out speculation at top speed, but the computer maker is generally expected to be introducing a high-end flagship iPhone, called the iPhone 5S, along with a lower-cost option, called the iPhone 5C.

Reports Monday indicated the company was close to firing up a trade-in service for its flagship smartphone. Apple was said to be preparing retail workers, giving first trainers their instructions Monday for them to start teaching other employees, and may have even started piloting the program in some stores.

Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Canceled


According to a report by Radar Online, Kris Jenner’s talk show has been canceled due poor ratings
From Radaronline.com
Kris Jenner has been told by FOX executives that her six-week trial run at being a talk show host will be just that – it’s not coming back for a second run.
Kim K’s mother was recently told, “There is no chance the talk show is going to get a green light from FOX. The ratings were averaging an abysmal 0.8 and advertisers were less than enthusiastic about it.”
“Kris did get a ratings bump for her last show when Kanye West revealed the first baby pic of daughter, North West, with Kim, but that was a one time shot in the arm and it wouldn’t be indicative of what the ratings trend would be,” the source close to the production told RadarOnline.com.
“It’s a very crowded market and Kris didn’t do anything to set herself apart from the field. Believe it or not, most of America doesn’t want to hear about the Kardashian’s for an hour everyday,” the source revealed.

Ciara Reveals::“Why I fell In love with Future”


Singer Ciara and rapper Nayvadius aka Future are gradually becoming everybody’s favorite couple.
Ciara’s career was on a hill going downwards till she met Future.
Future is Ciara’s executive producer of her new album and collaborated on the first single, Body Party.
Speaking to Paper Magazine, she said:
I thought it was better to be private,’ ‘But self-reflection helped me to say, “You need to live more. If you worry so much about things, your head is going to explode. Just live. Something has to give.” I was holding back so much that I wasn’t letting myself explore and live.
‘He’s very understanding,’ ‘And he’s my best friend. It’s important to have a feeling that you can talk about anything and know a person’s going to be there and support you. When we’re together, it’s not about who we are.
‘Being able to speak about it is a whole different thing for me,’ she continued. ‘I’m not thinking or caring too much about what anybody has to say anymore. Once you start over-thinking and worrying, you start getting close to insanity. I want my sanity and a life and happiness.’
Future once said
She’s a beautiful woman, amazing, incredible, everything that comes with those words, that’s what she represents. I can tell you, all the negativity that comes with me and her is not true. Our personal lives is our personal lives. Sometimes people present it like it’s true and they think they have facts, but at the end of the day, we know what’s true and we know what’s not true and anything negative from that situation, we [are] not even representing that. What you see is what you get.
We are at a time where, I am on Epic, she’s on Epic, I love music, she loves music. And we love being in the studio with each other. We love being around each other and that’s just what it is. The chemistry is there. It’s amazing. She makes me happy, I make her smile.
Anything negative around that is all false because every time you are doing something positive and somebody sees you happy, they want to find something to tear you down. She’s a great woman

Kyle XY ::Star ‘Matt Dallas’ Reveals He Is Gay!

The actor plans to marry boyfriend Blue Hamilton, 25, a record producer who has worked with Justin Bieber.
Matt Dallas, the former star of ABC Family sci-fi series Kyle XY, has announced his engagement — and in doing so, has come out as a gay man.
“Starting off the year with a new fiancé, Blue Hamilton. A great way to kick off 2013!” the 30-year-old actor wrote on his Twitter account. The announcement was accompanied by a photo of the actor lounging on a couch with a dog.
Hamilton, 25, is a Georgia-born music producer who has worked with Justin Bieber.
Dallas followed up Kyle XY with a recurring role on short-lived ABC witchcraft series Eastwick. He’s since appeared in 2012′s Naughty or Nice, a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel.
Engagements are becoming a popular way for gay celebrities to indirectly acknowledge their intimate orientation. In October, Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion came out by mentioning his engagement to partner Rubem Robierb in a New York Times article.

Photos:: of Omotola Kehinde Shares family vacation.

The stunning beautiful actress tweeted“Goodbye #venice … Hello #Gardaland… Adult time over now kids take over. #bored with ancient history.

Kate Middleton makes first public appearance since giving birth...

Kate Middleton made her first public post-baby appearance this morning as she joined her husband, Prince William at the start of an ultra-marathon in Anglesey around where they live. She's lost all the baby weight. Nice...


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