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HDD::Good alternative to SSD

The good: The Toshiba SSHD significantly reduces the boot time of its host computer and enables the system to launch applications much faster, when compared with a regular hard drive.

The bad: With only 8GB NAND flash memory and the spinning speed of just 5,400rpm, the drive isn't ideal for transferring a large amount of data. The drive is also expensive.

The bottom line: If you can affordable the comparatively high price, the new drive is a great replacement for that old hard drive inside your aging computer.

The Toshiba Solid-State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) is the answer to the Seagate SSHD that came out five months ago. The new drive is almost the same as its Seagate counterpart in terms of configuration but offers better performance, and costs significantly more.

In my testing, it proved to be a good alternative to solid-state drives (SSD) by offering somewhat similar performance -- especially in terms of boot time.

If you're looking to speed up your HDD-based computer's performance without spending too much, the new Toshiba SSHD is an decent upgrade. Its suggested retail cost of $199 for 1TB (or $159 for $500) is pricey for what it has to offer, however, and also means you can get a better deal going with the Seagate SSHD instead.The Toshiba SSHD comes in two levels of thickness 7mm (320GB and 500GB), and 9.5mm (750GB and 1TB). Design and features
Seagate separates its laptop SSHDs into two categories, the Laptop Thin SSHD (7mm) and the Laptop SSHD (9.5mm); each capacity gets a different model number. The new drive is also available in two thicknesses with the 320GB (model MQ01ABF032H) and 500GB (MQ01ABF050H) capacities being just 7mm thick, and the 750GB (MQ01ABD075H) and 1TB (MQ01ABD100H) capacities being 9.5mm thick. The drive will work in all standard laptops and desktops, with its lower capacities, and it will also fit certain ultrabooks.

Blackberry Posts User Guides for iOS & Android Versions Of BBM Ahead Of Launch

Techcrunch reports that for previous BBM users
from BlackBerry, most of these details are familiar.
The apps are designed to allow for real-time communication between contacts and groups, the guides explain, letting users share pictures and messages, including broadcast messages, multi-
person chats, and group chats.

Users will also be able to create BBM Groups, where they can plan events, track to-do’s, share photos, and chat with up to 30 people at a time, without the need to add everyone as BBM contacts.
BBM will work over both cellular and Wi-Fi, the latter option which is meant to help avoid data charges when traveling.

Each user can establish their own BBM profile, where they can choose a display picture, name, and status that their contacts will see, and they’ll also have a unique BBM PIN which they can access
by tapping “Show Barcode.”

This is a major move for the struggling company, as BBM has for a long time been one of Blackberry, and the BB10′s, strongest features.

At launch, Heins had said that only messaging and group features will be available, but promised that the rest of BBM will eventually make its way to the Android and iOS versions including screen sharing, BBM voice, and the newer BBM channels.

ASUU STRIKE UPDATE: National Assembly, FG Urge ASUU To Call Off Strike

The leadership of the National Assembly, NASS, and the Federal Government, yesterday, appealed to the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, to call off the lingering strike.
The NASS and FG made the plea after a meeting with Pro-Chancellors and Vice Chancellors of public universities in Abuja. The FG, according to them, has made offers and commitment to necessitate the resumption of academic activities in the nation’s public universities.

Senate Chairman on Education, Senator Uche Chukwumerije, said, “The Senate Committee has always sought the required fund for our nation’s universities.

5 Ways to Hear the Voice of God

I found this video inspiring" Enjoy.

Pray, Care & Share Jesus!

Are you angry with God!


How to Filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Book of Life! 

Signs of EndTimes

Overcoming LUST

Rejection is better than Regret.

Most guys will break down and cry over rejection, because a girl turn them down and saying things like:
"Why did i go to her" you should listen to Westlife's - you can't lose what you never had!

then you'll understand that Rejection is better than Regret.