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Scientists Invent ‘Death Test’ That Will Tell Us How Long We Have To Live

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Scientists Invent ‘Death Test’ That Will Tell Us How Long We Have To Live


Scientists have developed a ‘death test’ that can tell people how long they have to live.
The non-invasive procedure involves applying a painless laser pulse to the surface of the skin through a wristwatch-style device.
This measures how a person’s body will decline with age by analysing endothelial cells, the Sunday Times reports.
These cells line the smallest blood vessels – capillaries – in our bodies and respond to complex activity elsewhere in the body.
By measuring the oscillations within the cells, the scientists say they can calculate the length of time before death and also test for diseases including cancer and dementia.
The result is graded from 0 for death to 100 for optimum functioning with the predictions becoming more accurate as more data is added.
A user-friendly version of the system is expected to be completed within the next three years.
The test was developed by two physics professors from Lancaster University, Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock, with the help of grants from medical charities and government research bodies.
Professor Stefanovska is credited with inventing the method of analysing endothelial reactivity.
‘I am hoping we will build a database that will become larger and larger, so every person person measured can be compared against it,’ she said.
‘We will then be in a position to tell them the values [that] predict a certain number of years.’

Idris Abdulkareem Disses Don Jazzy…. And He Replies !!

Lol Donjazzy replied Eedris Abdulkareem’s tweet about being disappointed in him.

“Tonto Dikeh Is Such A Rot And Lacks Every Bit Of Home Training” – Movie Producer Fires


Popular Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh’s acting may be going south following threats from some movie producers and director to relegate her to the background as a result of what they described as her rude conduct recently at a location in Asaba.
“That little br*t, apart from her addictions to marijuana, doesn’t give a damn about whose ox is gored, she abuses, throw tantrums and fights on set at any slightest provocation and we must make sure she’s humiliated.
“She seems to have gathered too much weight and has hurriedly forgotten those days when she used to go on bended knees for a ‘waka pass’ role in movies.We’ll teach her a lesson.”
According to sources, Tonto Dikeh who was playing a lead role in a movie at a location in Asaba, provoked the anger of a top movie director by her unbecoming display on set.
The director hasn’t stopped telling everyone his nasty experience at the hands of the controversial actress.
According to the director who craved anonymity:
“Tonto Dikeh is such a rot and lacks every bit of home training, apologies to her parents. I tried to control myself in order not to disrupt the set, but I got upset over the kind of insults Tonto heaped on the makeup artist on the set; a woman old enough to be her mother.
“She liberally used words like, ‘Are you stupid, don’t you know what you are supposed to do? Must I remind you before you’ll know you are supposed to make me up?’ on the woman who was at the verge of throwing back some punch lines at her.”
Consequently, a group of directors and producers have decided not to feature the actress who currently is not even in good terms with many actress, due to her recent outburst on the social media.


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