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UN says Syria death toll above 100,000

UN leader Ban Ki-moon says more than 100,000 people have been killed in the Syrian civil war.
Ban and US Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters before talks at the UN headquarters that there could be no military solution to the 28-month-old conflict.
While Syrian activists say well over 100,000 people have been killed, the UN has been more cautious about the toll.
But Ban said: "More than 100,000 people have been killed, millions of people have either been displaced or become refugees in neighbouring countries.
"We have to bring this to an end, the military and violent actions must be stopped by both parties and it is thus imperative to have a peace conference in Geneva as soon as possible."
The US and Russia have vowed to press for a follow up to a peace conference held in Geneva last year, which set out a transition plan.
Divisions between Syrian opposition groups and diplomatic hurdles thrown up by President Bashar al-Assad's government have blocked efforts to call a new meeting.
Syrian National Coalition president Ahmad Jarba is in New York and was to hold talks with Kerry ahead of a meeting with UN Security Council envoys on Friday.
Ban has previously said he would like a peace conference in September. But UN diplomats say the conflict is now so bitter that they doubt the two sides can be brought to the negotiating table.
Kerry said there is "enormous levels of suffering, suffering that is growing by the day which requires all of us to work even harder to try to bring about peace negotiations".
He added: "There is no military solution to Syria, there is only a political solution. That will require leadership in order to bring people to the table."

Free eBook: "Coming Clean" How to Overcome Lust!

 1 John 2:16 
Parallel Verses
New International Version
For everything in the world--the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life--comes not from the Father but from the world.
New Living Translation
For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world.
English Standard Version
For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world.
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10 Ways to Raise Next-Gen Leaders

1. The Most Important Thing in Investing in the Next Generation of Christian Leaders is to Point Them to God.

Tim opened the evening by telling all in attendance that this was not about a cd, but rather to place our focus on God.

2. Investing in the Next Generation of Christian Leaders Takes Intentionality.

Next generation ministry must be a primary focus. Tim has dedicated the majority of his last year of ministry to developing Greenhouse and The Minions.

3. To Invest in the Next Generation of Christian Leaders, You Must be in it for the Long Haul.

Young Christian leaders are developed in crock pots, not microwaves. They also have a deep desire for authentic, long-lasting relationships.

4. Allow for Mistakes When Investing in the Next Generation of Christian Leaders.

Young Christian leaders make plenty of mistakes. I certainly did (and still do). It takes people like Tim who stay with them through the good and bad to one day proudly watch God do great things through their lives.

The 9 Types of Facebook Users


You know the type. He created a Facebook account in 2009 and hasn't touched it since. No profile picture. No status update. Occasionally, someone tags him in a photo, but does he even receive the notification?
Try this one: She waits, quietly. She doesn't "like" things, and she definitely doesn't comment. In fact, she rarely does anything at all besides slink through Facebook like a jungle cat, silently judging your waistline in your beach vacation pictures.

"WAHALA don sele" Housewife dies during $ex with lover in Lagos Hotel

If Glory Abbey had known earlier that death was lurking around the corner; she would have probably turned down the request of his lover for $ex that day to avert the unfortunate tragedy. However, while men proposes, God disposes.
This is the story of a housewife who reportedly followed her lover to a popular hotel in Lagos and died in a marathon $ex.
The $ex-crazed man whose identity was still unknown at the moment absconded from the hotel room without hotel management’s knowledge when the lady took her last breathe.
It was learnt that the incident, which occurred at Kings of Queens Hotel, at 11, Otunba Oladokun Street, Lanre Bus Stop, Igando, Lagos State still remains a mystery to residents of the area.
Manager of the hotel, Saliu confirmed that the deceased actually came to the hotel with the young man and they both booked for a room.
“After staying for several hours in the room, the man came out and told the security men that he wanted to buy some food outside and he did not return to the hotel,” he said.
According to him, they were shocked to see the lifeless body of Glory just after few hours without any physical injury inflicted on her.

DAVIDO: Omo Baba Olowo: Singer Davido Shows Off New Gold Slippers

psHKN Gang-Leader Davido, has made a habit of showing his fans all his expensive acquisitions, from the chains to watches, cars and even money.
This time, the singer uploaded a photo of his new pair of gold sandals.

“Since Age 9, I Had To Pay My Father With S*x Before He Lets Me Take Part In Church Activities” – 16-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out

A father has been arrested and charged with defiling his own young daughter, who told police that he would demand s*xual favors in exchange for outings with friends and participation in school activities.

The 46-year-old Utah resident, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of the alleged victim, was taken into custody last week and charged Wednesday with nine counts of r*pe and a single count of
sodomy on a child.
According to the accuser, who is now 16 years old, the abuse first started when she was only 9 years old.
Over the past seven years, the teen told police that her father, who also has two other children, defiled her over 50 times.
The alleged victim explained that as she got older, her father would have s*x with her more frequently. Most recently, the teen said that they would have encounters three to four times a week.
The horrific allegations came out when the 16-year-old told a friend at a church camp about the s*xual abuse, asking her to keep it a secret.
The friend, however, shared the information with her parents, who then relayed it to their church bishop. The cleric, in turn, reported the allegations to officials at the Division of Child and Family Services, who notified police on June 19.
During her interview with investigators, the unnamed teen said that whenever she wanted something or wanted to go out, she would have to ‘pay’ her father with s*xual acts.
According to a police report, earlier this month, the 46-year-old man forced his daughter to have intercourse with him four times in exchange for allowing her out-of-town best friend to visit.
When the friend left, the father told his daughter ‘that it was time to pay up,’ the report stated.
The paper reported that after talking to police officers about the alleged abuse committed by her father, the 16-year-old made an emotional plea no to arrest him, saying that it would ‘tear her family apart’ and hurt her siblings.

Chromecast: Google's best weapon to breach the TV biz

When it comes to its ambitions for television, Google's hoping that the third time's the charm.
This morning the company unveiled Chromecast. Google's latest foray into the television is a low-cost stick that plugs into a HDMI input to let a wide swath of smartphones, tablets, and devices using the Chrome browser seamlessly fling what they're playing onto the TV.
Google argues that it is solving a unique problem, but it really isn't. In fact, a myriad of devices already exist to do just that. But by coming out with a cheaper, more innovative offering, Google fired its loudest shot across the bow of Apple TV and all of the other streaming TV peripherals with the Chromecast. And at $35, it claims to have a winner.
The television is "the most immersive experience in the house," said Sundar Pichai, Google's head of Android, Chrome, and apps at the breakfast unveiling Wednesday in San Francisco. He noted more than 200 billion online videos are watched globally by users every month, and Netflix and YouTube combined represent nearly half of peak downstream Internet traffic in North America.
"It's very difficult to get your online media onto your television in your house," said Pichai.
True enough. It has been difficult, but largely only for Google.

Nokia rolls out YouTube Upload app for Lumia phones

YouTube UploadNokia has a new app designed to help Lumia users post their videos to YouTube. But for now it seems limited to just the new Lumia 1020.
Now available in Microsoft's Windows Phone store, YouTube Upload allows users to select and post their video onto YouTube directly through the Photos app, or trim it with the Nokia Video Trimmer app and then post it. The app is also described as working for "all videos shot on Nokia Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8."
However, tests run by the folks at The Verge found that the app worked only on the new Lumia 1020. Trying it on a Lumia 800, Lumia 900, and a couple of other Lumia phones proved to be a bust. But based on the app's description and its support for WVGA displays, Nokia is likely to extend its support for other Lumia devices equipped with Windows Phone 8.

Govt Makes Offers To Varsity Teachers

There seems to be no end in sight to the ongoing university lecturers’ strike, with the Federal Government saying yesterday that the 2009 agreement it signed with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) cannot be implemented.
The union went on strike early in the month over what it called the failure of the government to fully implement the agreement. It vowed not to go back to work, until the government implements the agreement. The government said the complexity of the agreement had been responsible for the continued breakdown of negotiations between the two parties.
Labour Minister Emeka Wogu stated this while briefing the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the activities of his ministry. It was at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja. Wogu, however, said the government had entered into another round of talks with the varsity teachers, making some undisclosed offers to the teachers.
“We have made offer to ASUU. It is as complex as presented. Negotiation is ongoing. The National Assembly is equally involved. We believe they will soon call off the strike. I personally and passionately appeal to them to call off the strike. “It will not affect the negotiation, if they call off the strike. It is better for them to be inside than outside. Students have equally appealed to them.”
The minister added: “I inherited an agreement signed by the Federal Government with ASUU and that agreement is practically impossible for any administration to implement. We are still discussing with them. If I leave here, I am going to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) where we are meeting with them. I hope that very soon, we will resolve it.”
Wogu expressed the government’s reservations about the agreement it earlier signed with ASUU, which has necessitated the setting up of yet another negotiation team, headed by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Senator Anyim Pius Anyim. The nine-point agreement the government entered into with ASUU include: funding requirements for the revitalisation of Nigerian universities; Federal Government’s assistance to state universities; establishment of NUPEMCO; and progressive increase in annual budgetary allocation to the education sector to 26 per cent between 2009 and 2020.
Other components of the agreement are: payment of earned allowances; amendment to the pension/retirement age of academics non professorial cadre from 65 to 70 years; and reinstatement of prematurely dissolved Governing Councils. Also included in the agreement are: transfer of Federal Government’s landed property to the universities and setting up of research development councils and provision of research equipment to laboratories and classrooms in the nation’s universities.
On job creation efforts of the government, Wogu told the PDP leadership that the Community Service Scheme Women and Youth Empowerment Programme of the Subsidy Re-Investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) of the Federal Government had already engaged 120,000 persons out of the 185,000 targeted for employment this year. He said since social security is an evolving structure, Nigeria is still basically trying to grow the concept to an acceptable international standard. “We are at the stage of putting in place a social security policy that would reflect the nation’s needs and level of economic development, taking into consideration the traditional as well as the modern socio-cultural values and norms,” he said.
With the passing of the Employee Compensation Act in 2010, he said the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund was resuscitated and currently functioning, adding that it has the new mandate to provide social security services to the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the society. Wogu said the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) was in the fore-front of job creation, especially in skills acquisition and empowerment of unemployed people.

Dozens Die As Train Veers Off Tracks

All eight carriages of the Madrid to Ferrol train came off the tracks near the city of Santiago de Compostela.
Media reports say the train may have been travelling at more than twice the speed limit around a curve.
Officials have not commented on the cause. Analysts say it is the worst train accident in Spain in 40 years.
Spain generally has a relatively good record in terms of rail safety, says the BBC's Tom Burridge in Madrid.
This is a country which has invested huge amounts of money in its rail network, he says.
Spain's last major rail disaster was in 1972 when 77 people were killed in a derailment in Andalusia in the south
READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/41306.html


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