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Heart Rate as a Measure of Life Span

A new study, published in Heart, suggests that a higher resting heart rate is an independent predictor of mortality — even in healthy people in good physical condition.
Danish researchers gave physical exams to 5,249 healthy middle-aged and elderly men beginning in 1971. In 1985 and 1986, they tracked survivors, of whom there were 3,354. Of these, 2,798 had sufficient data on heart rate and oxygen consumption for the analysis. Researchers followed them through 2011.
After controlling for physical fitness and many other health and behavioral factors, they found that the higher the resting heart rate, the greater the risk for death. Compared with men with rates of 50 beats a minute or less, those at 71 to 80 beats had a 51 percent greater risk. At 81 to 90 beats, the rate of death was doubled, and over 90 it was tripled.
“If you have two healthy people,” said the lead author, Dr. Magnus Thorsten Jensen, a researcher at Copenhagen University Hospital Gentofte, “exactly the same in physical fitness, age, blood pressure and so on, the person with the highest resting heart rate is more likely to have a shorter life span.”

Dayo Adeneye acquires N25million Bentley Continental GT

Congratulation! i has worked so he deserves it!

Miss Nigeria 2013 vs Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013

23 year old Ezinne Akudo Anyaoha (pictured top) won the 2013 Miss Nigeria pageant on the 6th of July while 18 year old Anna Banner (pictured bottom) won the 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant on Saturday July 20th. If these two queens were in the same pageant, who would win?

list of highest earning US celebrities under 30

Forbes yesterday released their annual 'list of top-earning celebrities under 30' and Lady Gaga topped the list. Forbes calculated their earnings between June 2012 and June 2013. See the top 10 below...

1. Lady Gaga (age 27) $80 million
2. Justin Bieber (age 19) $58 million
3. Taylor Swift (age 23) $55 million
4. Calvin Harris (age 29) $46 million
5.Rihanna (age 25) $43 million
6. Katy Perry (age 28) $39 million
7. Jennifer Lawrence (age 22) $26 million
8. Adele (age 25) $25 million
9. Kristen Stewart (age 23) $22 million
10.Taylor Lautner (age 21) $22 million

New Video: Toni Tones - I know What You Like


LAGBAJA:Guests Bounced, Pictures Barred As Lagbaja’s Daughter Weds In Lagos !!

BKFZFRUCQAATjNg The first daughter of masked Afrobeat musician, Abisade Ologunde (Lagbaja) Moyosade Ologunde, married her best friend, Olamide Obilana, in Opebi a few weeks ago.
Moyosade attended Pennsylvania State University School of Management where she bagged a Masters in business administration and now works as a change management specialist at a US firm.
Guests were NOT ALLOWED to take photos so as not to unmask the father of the bride, LAGBAJA, who came without his mask during the wedding!

VIDEO: EME Boy, Shaydee Speaks With HipOnTV

Shaydee was at HipOnTV studio recently where he talked about his latest release O Poju and shared his opinion on Banky W, Skales, Toolz and more.

Finanlly Prince Willams and Kete name their first child : Goerge Alexander Luois


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