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How To REBOOT Blackberry Without Removing Battery

Ok, let me share a
simple way of
blackberry device
removing your battery.

This involves
3 KEYS together
for about 3 seconds.

Keys are:

1. ALT key

2. Right Shift key

3. Delete key (DEL)

Simple yeah?
Do you know of a
better way? or you
are not
clear about the steps?
or you have anything
to say?
Feel free to
add comments

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How To Track BlackBerry 10 Phone When Stolen Or Lost

 Day-by-day the pricing
of smartphones are
rising. With every new
device, the top notch
companies such as
Samsung, Apple and
HTC are trying to grab
more funds and add
density to their
treasury. So has done
Research In Motion,
now rebranded as
With the launch of
latest BlackBerry 10
operating system the
struggling company
also has hit the
market with
expensive BlackBerry
Z10 smartphone. By
now some of you may
have already bought
the device, departing
with bulk money.
Well, if the device is
lost, then what?
We have an answer.
We will guide you how
to track lost
BlackBerry 10
handsets. Yes, just
follow the below
After buying the
brand-new BlackBerry
10 handset don't
forget to enable the
BlackBerry Protect
option through the
initial setup process. It
is a free service and is
offered by BlackBerry
itself. It will help you in
locating your stolen or
lost BB10 device.
For enabling you first
need to go into
Settings and then tap
on the BlackBerry
Protect option.
The next page after
tapping will require
sliding the virtual
switch to right. It
comes as 'Off' by
default. Sliding right
will enable the service.
Oh yes, you need to
have BlackBerry ID for
this and need to sign
in on the device.
It is done. Yes, easily
Now, if the device is
misplaced, stolen or
lost, just visit
website and you can
easily locate your
On the website you
will get the current
GPS location of the
handset. More to this,
you can also play a
sound on your lost
device, and believe me
it is very annoying
sound. You can also
display a custom
message, wipe the
device remotely and
also lock the handset
with a password.
The enabling of
BlackBerry Protect
service may take
about a minute, but it
is for sure one of the
best and first thing to
do after buying BB10
handset. It will save
your money when the
device goes missing. It
will also keep you
Do share your own
views about this
protection service of
BlackBerry in below
comments with fellow

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