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Don't wait for others to get things for you, get on your feet an be the change you want to see!

Nigeria New Guiness Word Record.

some thinks its not the time to be setting world record.
while some thinks is a good idea: anyhow> Good or Bad: what do you think? 

Another great loss...


Peter Okoye Also Gets His Own £1.2million Champagne From Amuson

Flenjorification mode,
what some guys out there needs to prosper in life( £1.2million) event 1quater of it, is what someone is just swallowing down the intestine.

Tope Alabi Denies Rumore!

My Friends, No matter the negative rumor you hear or read,I want you to know it's never true and not inspired by the living Jesus Christ...and I will never compromise my faith in God by the grace of God.God is at work.

I Only Wanted To Use And Dump You—Iyanya Tells Yvonne Nelson

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Though he sang in one of his tracks that ‘all I want is your waist’ but the ‘Kukere’ crooner, Iyanya has replied Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, who he reportedly dated, that he only wanted her for fling and not for love.

Speaking with on Tim Westwood show in the UK, Iyanya said he only wanted the actress for pleasure and not for true love like she would have thought in her mind.

“Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine. She called that she’s coming over and I ride her like a ‘jangolova’. All I want is your waist, no emotions, no tears, no letters, no love, no nothing. All I want is your waist, she ain’t even know it. She brought emotions.”

Hope Yvonne will not be angry with Iyanya again after this confession?

B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News. Egyptian President Removed in a Military Coup.


Lukewarm people don't really want to be saved from their sin; they want only to be saved from the penalty of their sin.

Fifa Ranks Super Eagles 35th.

Gambo_Ideye_MusaThe Super Eagles of Nigeria are now ranked 35th in the world, according to the latest FIFA rankings.
It represents a gradual decline for the African champions, who sat in number 31 position last month.
Nigeria defeated Kenya 1-0 and drew 1-1 with Namibia in their two World Cup qualifiers played last month, before heading to the Confederations Cup in Brazil. At the tournament, they thrashed Tahiti 6-1, lost 1-2 to Uruguay and were beaten 3-0 by Spain.
Cote d’Ivoire is still the top ranked African team at number 13, while Spain retains their number 1 spot in the world. Brazil, who won the Confederations Cup on home soil climbed up 13 spots to finish in 9th place.

Things to know about your Realashionship.

A RELATIONSHIP is not about having a
handsome boyfriend or having a beautiful
girlfriend. It’s not about looking for a
perfect person because there isn’t any
perfect person on earth. It’s not about
looking for a well off or a rich person.
 Having a lot of money doesn’t mean that
one has too much pure love. MONEY
CAN’T BUY LOVE. A relationship is about
finding someone who respects you, who
cares about you in anyway h/she can
afford, who understands you, who is proud of having you, who loves you the way you
are. Who is faithful to you, who knows how
to comfort you, who knows to encourage
you and who would accept the worst of
you & who will go through everything
without giving up on you. Such people are very rare to find these days. If you have
got one, just keep that person. Handle him
or her with care, be honest & contented
with that person and don’t ever thing of
hurting & letting down of that special

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi Donates $100,000 To OJB

Gov of Rivers State,Rotimi Amaechi just approved the sum of 100.000.00USD,the total money expected to get Music Producer OJB the required medical treatment.

The move was mad
e by Jazzman Olofin, who was said to have visited Mr. Femi Davies, a top journalist and online publisher, themetronews, to complain about the way the people around are treating the issue of the prolific producer/singer.

Miffed by the report given, Femi Davies, we were told, intensified effort to liaise with another top journalist, Mr. Wale Olaleye, This Day Political Editor and he was said to have asked Mr. Davies to come forth with a formal letter of request to be forwarded to Governor Amaechi.

As soon as the letter got to the embattled governor, we gathered that he signed it and ordered the state to pay as soon as possible.

As you are reading this, Governor Amechi’s State, Rivers, has finally restored the hope of the people who have rallied round the entertainer, OJB.

Though, there seem to be some rancor between the people in charge of the ‘Support OJB Team’ as some people are already deliberating on how to have their share of the money as soon as it arrives since Governor Amaechi has coughed out the whole money needed for the kidney transplant and there were previous donations close to N10m before now.

Thank God for his timely intervention…At least aside from being a Drama king,Governor Amaechi is a man with a good heart. More Blessing Sir!


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