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How to run Android apps on your PC

There are various methods of running Android apps on a PC, but these can be tricky to set up and vary greatly in the levels of performance and compatibility provided.

Genymotion is relatively simple to install and provides pre-packaged Android installations which you can download and run on your PC or Mac. Best of all, it’s fast and supports accelerated graphics quick enough even to run some 3D Android games.

For developers, it also supports battery and GPS widgets so you can emulate different charging and power scenarios and test out how apps work in different World locations.

To download Genymotion, you will need to sign up atwww.genymotion.com. Once you’ve validated your email address and signed in, you can elect to download a version for Windows with VirtualBox included, or a version for Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu or Debian which will require you to have VirtualBox already installed.

Once you’ve installed the software, sign in with your Genymotion credentials and you can select from a list of virtual Android devices with varying hardware configurations and versions of the Android operating system. We would recommend downloading any of the latest available versions which will fit comfortably on the screen and comes bundles with Google apps.

Your virtual Android device will then be automatically downloaded. All that remains for you to do is click the Play button and start it up. You can then sign in to your new device with your Google account and download and run any apps you wish.


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