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Wanna put your Computer knowledge to test? Let's see how far you can go!

Answers @ the bottom of the post. 
1. How many pins does a SIMM have?
(a) 50                     (b) 64                    (c) 30 or 729                        (d) 168

2. The various cards in a PC requires _______voltage to function.
(a) AC                    (b) DC

3. What type of hard disk formatting creates FAT (File Allocation Table)?
(a) High Level                     (b) Low Level

4. What is the name of the printed circuit board?
(a) Ram                                (b) Mother Board

5. Which Component of pc maintains data and time?
(a) CMOS RAM                  (b) RAM

6. IRQ 1 is commonly assigned to:
{a) it's usually open         (b) system timer              (c) real time clock             (d) keyboard

7. LCD monitor is also known as___________
(a) TFT                  (b) CRT

8. How can you tell that a particular ribbon cable should only be used to connect a floppy drive?
(a) it has a red line along one edge           (b)  it has a twist in it

9. Data stored in a ROM cannot be changed by user of a computer?
(a) TRUE                               (b) FALSE

10. The data in a RAM is it stored on a permanent or temporary basis
(a) Temporary                   (b) Permanent

11. Winchester drive is also called:
(a) Hard Disk Drive           (b) Floppy Disk Drive

12. TO write, erase, rewrite data on a CD RAM what type of CD ROM you should use?
(a) CD-RW           (b) CD R

13. A byte is equivalent to...?
(a) 8 bits                               (b) 10 bits

14. SMPS stands for:
(a) Switch Mode Power Supply  (b) Simple Mode Power Supply

15. Which of the following is NOT a type of motherboard expansion slot?
(a) ISA                   (b) PCI                  (c) AGP                 (d) ATX

16. Which IRQ does LPT1 commonly use?
(a) 1       (b) 4       (c) 5       (d) 7

17. How much data will a high density (HD) floppy disk hold?
(a) 124 KB            (b) 640 KB            (c) 1.44 MB         (d) 2.88MB

18. What is the name of the spec for the holes in a monitor's aperture grill?
(a) dot pitch                       (b) space holes

19. Which is the best hard disk seek time?
(a) 3ms                 (b) 5ms

20. Fragmentation of data on computer hard disk causes it to work faster than before?
(a) FALSE                             (b) TRUE

21. What is the name of the card that controls read, write head and motor in the hard disk?
(a) Network Card                             (b) Disc Controller Card

22. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the power to the system is turned off?
(a) CPU                 (b) ROM               (c) DRAM             (d) DIMM

23. Acronym of HDD?
(a) Hard Disk Drive           (b) Hard Drive Disk

24.A program written using binary codes is called:
a) Software language                     (b) Machine language

25. How many bytes a sector of hard disk holds?
(a) 512 Bytes                      (b) 1024 Bytes

26. To be bootable a DOS partition must be:
(a) active                             (b) copied

27. What does FDISK do?
a) performs low-level formatting of the hard drive           (b) fixes bad sectors on the hard drive
c) recovers lost clusters on the hard drive             (d) creates partitions on the hard drive

28. What kind of connectors are used to connect a PC power supply to a hard drive?
a) AT      (b) molex            (c) mini-molex                   (d) P9

29. Acronym of FDD?
(a) Floppy Drive Disk       (b) Floppy Disk Drive

30. Which of the following is NOT a type of computer hard drive?

a) IDE                    (b) FDD                 (c) SCSI                 (d) EIDE


(1)c   (2)b   (3)a   (4)b   (5)a   (6)d   (7)a   (8)d   (9)a   (10)a

(11)a   (12)a   (13)a   (14)a   (15)d   (16)d   (17)c   (18)a   (19)b   (20)a

(21)b   (22)b   (23)a   (24)b   (25)a   (26)a   (27)d   (28)b   (29)b   (30)  b          


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