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Waterproof phones you can take to the beach.

You don't have to be a hard-core rock climber or surfer to reap the benefits of water- and dust-resistant smartphones. In fact, our most precious handheld computers could all benefit from designs that protect their delicate electronic innards from the wet and grime.
These recent five smartphones all have waterproofing characteristics in common -- to a limit. You shouldn't have to worry about them falling into a puddle, but neither should you plan on taking them into the hot tub for a nice, long soak.

NEC Terrain (AT&T)
A ruggedized offering from AT&T and little-known smartphone maker NEC, the Terrain ($99 on-contract) has midrange Android features, a portrait QWERTY keyboard, and push-to-talk features. It's certainly among the most legitimately rugged phones of the bunch, at least on paper. You better believe we'll give the Terrain a thorough dunking in the coming weeks. Read our NEC Terrain preview.
  NEC Terrain rugged smartphone

 The next generation in Verizon and Casio's tough phone relationship, the Commando 4G LTE, tweaks the rugged phone's design with no-slip rubberized edges, sharp peaks, and red accents for flair. Inside, an older version of Android -- 4.0 instead of 4.2 -- is somewhat disappointing, but it meets military standards for shock, water, dust, vibration, salt fog, humidity, solar radiation, low pressure, and high and low temperatures. Read our Casio Gz'One Commando 4G LTE preview.


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