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Redeemers University helps Addicted Students to Rehab

Redeemers University has reviewed the case of the 28 students expelled over drug related offenses.This is coming the after much criticism their expulsion generated in February 2013. The school management rescinded their decision and beckoned on them on April 8th,2013 to face a panel for a fresh review of the judgement. The panel met twice and after several denials by the offenders,they reached a compromise. I learnt that the school did a detour in its decision after parents decided to deal with the school.

Consequently,the school said that the only condition to reinstate the students is if they can go for a 5-month rehabilitation at a Rehab centre. The students will miss a whole semester.The students will be re-admitted immediately they are done with the rehabilitation.

The expulsion saga started when 42 students were randomly picked during their exam in November 2012.They were asked to go for routine ‘tests’.After resumption, January 2013, some of them were told that they ‘tested’ positive to cocaine. Those who tested positive were immediately expelled.A student source stated that when he saw the expulsion letter, he demanded for the test result but the authorities ignored him.


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