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How to root Tecno n3 android phone.

rooting your phone is a process to gain "control" over your device, just like in the PC world getting an administrator rights. There are ups and downs in this process. For you to understand fully, you can search the Google about rooting an android device. Then if you decide to Root your phone, then, it is your own choice. Do not blame me or anyone if something happen to your device while performing this method. Read the instruction carefully make sure you understand what you are doing and what will you do.

This warning means you are compromising your phone's security and warranty.
To gain root access, you have to perform the root method by installing POOT apk and MINISTRO II apk.
Download: Poot Tecno n3
Download: Ministro II library(from Google play store)
To ROOT your TECNO N3 is simple
Just install POOT apk to internal memory and run the apps. it will require you to install MINISTRO II, you'll get -error like "update minstro library", just update through google play store.
Then proceed again to the next step. After installing and updating all the libraries of QT, your phone will automatically reboot(or reboot manually)
You'll get two buttons
1. "press here to poot"
2. "built in root check
Click on the first button to poot and wait till you have 3 buttons
, That means you are now rooted.
You can now complete the process by downloading super user application from the play store.
 if you got any question? leave a comment below>>


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