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How To Install Ngage Games On S60 Devices

NOTE : Your phone MUST be hacked to do this. If its not hackedclick here 

STEPS 1. Install 'n-gage application.sis' to your MEMORY CARD (This will take a while - It will install alot of Stuff. Just let them install.

2. When ALL installations are done, install 'ngage patch.sis'

3. Copy the text file named '20001079.txt' to C:/ Private/10202be9 folder. (if not present, create it!)

4. Now Copy the Resident Evil game from "Test Game' Folder to E:/n-gage/ (if not present, create it!)

5. Now open N-gage Application and wait a moment for the game to be detected 6. When its done, it will show the game, now select the game, and scroll down to select memory card for it to install. now wait... It will take a while. Just be patient. When done, you will get an 'Installation Complete' prompt. NOW, Press Start Game and ENJOY!!!

NOTE : Always remember to disable all PATCHES in ROMPatcher+ before running any N-gage game. Unless game might not start properly or might not start at all! Also remember to re-enable the patches after playing your N-gage games.


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