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How To Download Youtube Videos With Operamini browser!

Now no need to go to external link to download youtube video, Now you can download it directly from youtube. Download Video Directly From Youtube Using OperaMini on any phone.

First Step copy the java script script
in box below

Now Follow my steps in the screen shot.

1.After you have copy the script above clickthe menu on operamini and choose bookmark
2. Now edit any of your book mark and replace the address with the CODE you copied earlier

3. Now goto YOUTUBE and search for any video you wanna download

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on  "Desktop" to view the web version

It should look like this in web version

5. When the desktop version shows goto bookmark again and choose the youtube trick you bookmarked earlier, click on it

6. When the page reload/open, zoom in

You will see the " Download" Category appear {flv, mp4, flv HD, mp4 HD} Choose the format you like. And your Operamini wili brIng path to save the file after choosing the path then your download start. ENJ0Y
for any question ?? leave comment below!


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